2011-02-10 12:49:56How to assign articles to skeptics
John Cook


The long-range plan is to have a definitive resource on prominent skeptics, listing articles they've published, the myths they use along with our rebuttals. A temporary under-construction page of all the skeptics in our database is available at:


Everyone can help build this resource - whenever you encounter an article by a prominent skeptic, add it to the database. Here's how:

1. How to add articles by a skeptic

This is a two-step process. First, add a URL to our database. Second, assign it to a skeptic.

  1. STEP ONE: Add the article via the Firefox Add-on. Be sure to make sure the Article Title is properly filled out and the Bias is set to Skeptic.
  2. Read through the article and using the Firefox Add-on, add every skeptic argument used. This is important as it helps us keep track of which argument the skeptic uses.
  3. STEP TWO: Go to Skeptic Admin: http://www.skepticalscience.com/admin_skeptic.php
  4. Find your article by typing the article title (or at least some of the keywords) in the Search form
  5. A list of articles matching your search will appear. Click your article
  6. A drop down appears letting you choose a skeptic.
  7. Bingo, that article is now added to the list of articles by your skeptic and any arguments you chose automatically pop up in all their arguments.

2. How to add critiques of your skeptic

We also link to external blogs that post rebuttals of skeptics. To add these to our list, go through all the same steps listed above but with one key difference - when submitting via the Firefox Add-on, for Bias, select Pro-AGW. Follow this process and any Pro-AGW links assigned to a skeptic will automatically appear in the 'External Links' tab.

3. Adding more skeptics

If you'd like to add another skeptic to the database, just email me at john@skepticalscience.com and I'll add it. It would be helpful if you could email me a photo (or URL of a photo). Try to make it a more recent photo - as most skeptics are grey haired retired old men, it's good for the photo album to reflect that.

4. Assign a SkS blog post to a skeptic

If there's a Skeptical Science blog post written about a skeptic, you can assign it to the skeptic so the blog post is listed under the 'Blog Posts' tab. Go to the SkS Blogs part of the Skeptics Admin. Click Add Skeptic Blog Map. Select the skeptic, the blog post and click 'Add Skeptic Blog Map'. You're done!
2011-02-10 16:18:21question
Dana Nuccitelli

I've been doing a lot of populating Lindzen's page :-)

I noticed that none of the tabs are working for the skeptics except Monckton, but obviously that's not a big deal while the pages are embargoed.  One question I had though - what about adding SkS blog posts to the list?  Like the Case Studies for Lindzen - would we use Firefox for that too?

2011-02-10 19:56:10Embargoed tabs
John Cook

I need to tweak the programming so the tabs work for everyone.

No, don't use firefox for our SkS posts. I have a special database map for that. When I add the ability to edit that database to the Skeptic Admin, I'll add instructions here.

UPDATE: have added a new feature to Skeptics Admin and posted instructions above on how to assign SkS blog posts to a skeptic.