2011-02-07 09:48:31Piers Corbyn
John Cook


Just starting a thread on Corbyn as Peter Sinclair sent me some useful resources on him, for future reference if we ever choose to examine him in more detail:


I haven't found a comprehensive rebutal to Corbyn (so that's a great opportunity), and yet the guy is a treasure trove of rebutal opportunities. He's a favourite of, Alex Jones, FoxNews, Russia Today (superficially modelled after the BBC, but more like FoxNews although "Crosstalk" with Peter Lavelle starts off fairly moderated),


while being far more Monckonesque and Bastardiesque:
1. all climate change is declared "failed science", "not science", "thieves kitchen", "Mickey Mouse view of the world" based on "fraudulent data"
2. earth is cooling, ice sheets are expanding, yet "all other planet's are warming"
3. blanket and repeated claims of "complete nonsense" to any climate change evidence and overall a "waste of time", with scientists providing evidence being on the "gravy train" or "cash band wagon"
4. wants more CO2 not less
5. interrupts opponents obnoxiously with laughter and declares repeatedly "that is such a complete lie", talk about a lack of manners, courtesy and decorum.

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piers_Corbyn describes a few incidents of spectacular errors (forcasts for 1989, 1997, 2007, 2008) on Corbyn's part and his efforts to silence reporter Paul Simons for pointing out his many blunders. Wired magazine http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/7.02/howgood.html notes that his predictions are so vague as to be unworthy of analysis and Corbyn himself unlike his calls to "failed scientists", won't publish his methods of analysis. It all looks like horoscope weather predictions, only less useful.

Corbyn's background as a squatters rights marxist is another nutbar indication.

2011-02-07 10:01:34Head vice alert
John Cook


Just watched one of the YouTube videos on Corbyn:


What a buffoon! I'm not sure we want to debunk this guy, he really doesn't warrant the attention.

The interviewer is not much better, nor is their choice of a pro-AGW scientist whose English is barely intelligible.

2011-02-07 11:32:17not worth it?
Dana Nuccitelli
I tend to agree he's not worth the effort.  I very rarely see Corbyn referenced even by "skeptics".