2011-02-06 15:00:01Heartland Institute Conference Proceedings
John Cook


Just posting this to keep track of the Heartland conferences - this might be a useful resource down the track. This is a list of all the presentations featuring video at the 2009 Heartland conference. Good encapsulation of each denier's key talking points (know thine enemy, as they say):


Highlights (Dana, you'll love that first one, your old pal):

Richard Lindzen - Climate Alarm: What We Are Up Against, and What to Do (HTML Remarks) (PDF Remarks)(Play Video) (Download Video) (Listen to Audio)

David Evans - Carbon Dioxide Not Responsible for 20th Century Warming (PowerPoint) (Listen to Audio) (Play Video) (Download Video)

Marc Morano - Prospects for Cap-and-Trade Legislation in the New Congress (PowerPoint) (Listen to Audio) (Play Video) (Download Video)

Hon. Harrison Schmitt - Climate Facts that Really Are Facts (Play Video) (Download Video) (Listen to Audio)

Patrick Michaels - EPA’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (PowerPoint) (Listen to Audio) (Play Video) (Download Video)

Anthony Watts - Weather Station Siting Issues within the USHCN Surface Station Network (Listen to Audio)

Stephen McIntyre - Do We Know that the 1990s Were the Warmest Decade of the Millennium? (PowerPoint) (Listen to Audio)

2011-02-06 15:22:15Lindzen ass
Dana Nuccitelli
Ugh Lindzen is such a dick! At least he's named appropriately. I can't believe he actually claims global warming is science vs politics, but skeptics are on the science side! The man is just infuriating.
2011-02-07 16:41:28Comment
Robert Way

Isn`t it funny how Evans goes on about fingerprints but only discusses 1 fingerprint, the "hotspot"?

I think McIntyre was the only one that I tolerated listening through but even him he hides so many things. He's a very sneaky fellow. That being said he makes some good points from time to time. Kinda one of those throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.
2011-02-07 16:49:46Evans raisin d'etre
John Cook

If the rumours are true, Evans was the one who coined the term 'tropospheric hot spot'. So it's his claim to fame, like McIntyre's hockey stick or Watts' surfacestations.org. You'd expect him to bang at that drum even if it's long been explained to him that the hotspot is a consequency of any warming, not just greenhouse warming. But it's hard for people to change course when sufficient momentum has been achieved - as the FEU showed us.
2011-02-08 17:19:39Evans's Hotspot.
Glenn Tamblyn

Also, it looks the 'missing hotspot' is the one and only product sold by ScienceSpeak - the Evans/Codling(Nova) family business. After all, there is no such thing as bad advertising.