2011-02-05 09:27:34Ball Bulldust: lawsuit
Andy S


Andrew Weaver is suing Tim Ball for libel.

Here's a copy of Weaver's complaint. 

The complaint is interesting reading, Ball seems to think that he can just make stuff up. 

It's about time that climate scientists went on the attack. Weaver is also suing the National Post, a generally right-leaning Canadian newspaper that frequently features anti-science articles by its columnists. 

2011-02-05 09:37:01
Julian Brimelow
Way to go Andrew!
2011-02-05 10:04:41break his Balls
Dana Nuccitelli

Good for Weaver!

Ball reminds me a lot of Monckton.  I'm always amazed that anybody listens to either of these guys.  A political advisor and a geographer?  Seriously?  As I recall, his pet argument is "climate has changed naturally in the past".  Brilliant.

Ball insulting Weaver's climate science knowledge reminds me a lot of this denier who frequents Yahoo Answers named jim z.  He's got a BS degree in geology, which he thinks makes him a climate science expert.  He's also a big Rush Limbaugh fan, and believes he once had an encounter with Bigfoot.  No joke.  He and his twin brother (another rabid denier) have given talks about Bigfoot and fancy themselves Bigfoot experts.

Anyway, today I asked a question about Lindzen's honesty, in relation to the Case Study trilogy.  The entirety of jim z's answer was:

It is interesting that you chose to use the word honest instead of correct. He is honest and correct. You may disagree but that is because you don't understand the issue very well IMO
Guy A (ignoramus) tells Guy B (who's knowledgeable about climate science) that he doesn't understand climate science.  Not that I'm remotely in the same league as Weaver of course, but I thought the parallel was interesting.  The Dunning-Kruger Effect in action once again.
2011-02-05 11:25:54Quick typo in your YA question
John Cook


How honest to you think Richard Lindzen is?

should be

How honest do you think Richard Lindzen is?


2011-02-05 11:48:48
Rob Honeycutt

Dana...  Sound a bit like the Dunning-Kruger Effect on steroids.
2011-02-05 15:01:09whoops
Dana Nuccitelli

Dang, can't edit YA questions after they're posted.  Oh well.

Rob - yes, some people take Dunning-Kruger to the extreme!