2011-01-31 17:21:26Excerpts of skeptic arguments
John Cook


A few people have suggested to me that when you're looking at Monckton Myths arguments and you click on an argument to see the full rebuttal, often the excerpt of the skeptic argument doesn't come from Monckton. Eg:

It's cooling
"Global warming has stopped and a cooling is beginning. No climate model has predicted a cooling of the Earth – quite the contrary. And this means that the projections of future climate are unreliable." (source: Henrik Svensmark)

So this could possibly open us up to accusations of putting words into Monckton's mouth - using quotes from other skeptics to rebut Monckton. It's a false accusation of course but it doesn't take much imagination to picture skeptics using such a distraction technique to make noise and manufacture outrage.

I think though it's an overreaction to go through every skeptic argument Monckton uses and use one of his quotes. For starters, the arguments don't always originate from him. So it's appropriate to use the originator if we have that. Secondly, well, what happens when we start a series on Lindzen or Carter? Do we go through and change all the quotes to be from them?

So what I've done is pick the top most used arguments by Monckton and used quotes from him. But if anyone thinks we should use a specific quote from Monckton for any of his arguments, please suggest it here (along with the link) and I'll go ahead and update the argument.

2011-01-31 18:59:39

In general, if we're going to try to put someone under the hot lights, we should quote his own words.
2011-01-31 19:12:17List of arguments changed?


John, do you have a list we (the translators) could reference of where you changed the argument? We should perhaps also change this in our translations. Especially if the wording is changed as this could lead to the translations quoting something different by someone else than the original.

Instead of switching the quotes couldn't we show multiple quotes by different "skeptics"?