2011-01-18 16:30:20Stealing Dana's thunder on costs of inaction vs action
John Cook


Dana, a Republican tweeted me an hour ago:

  •  @skepticscience Let us say u are correct. Should we spend billions and change what we do..for 1-2 degree change at best? I'm not so sure!!

I know your post on costs is not published yet but I couldn't resist replying with your costs graphic:

That graphic is most eloquent - speaks volumes. BTW, the graphic is already in the Climate Graphics section:


2011-01-18 16:44:19Okay, he's getting angry now
John Cook


Angry tweet back:

  •  @skepticscience Don't send me some Bull Shit link again!! If the end results are only 1-2 degree reduction in temperature, it's not worth it

Then a few minutes of stewing and even more anger:

  •  @skepticscience When u talk to me, talk about what u know in your OWN head! I don't want to chase down some Bull Shit link for an hour!

I posted this response:

I don't usually get into twitter conversations but it's fun seeing Republicans pop a vein.

2011-01-18 16:49:30Okay, bored now
John Cook


He's just ranting now, time to ignore the rabid denialist.

Still, one good thing about Twitter - denialist rants are restricted to 140 characters at a time

2011-01-18 20:05:12
Glenn Tamblyn



I'm Not sure this is a Rabid Denialist! Perhaps more 'I have no concept of how the real world works. Whats a couple of degrees?'. Perhaps more the great dumbing down! I don't have time to read anything. I have such a rich life in the Consumer Society I don't have time to waste on contemplation.


2011-01-19 04:14:36haha
Dana Nuccitelli

No worries about 'stealing my thunder'.  I love the guy's most recent twitter:

These Earth-Natzis want us to spend billions of dollars, change cars we drive, switch to wind and solar...For a 1-2 degree temp drop! No THX

Not only does he resort to calling us Nazis, but he can't even spell it right!  Sheesh.