2011-04-20 01:56:43Christy Crocks - call dibs
Dana Nuccitelli

Here are the myths James and I transcribed from Christy's testimony and radio interview, feel free to call dibs on doing a blog post on any of them:

1) "[the hockey stick] was the icon of the TAR, the Third Assessment Report, and what the tree ring record did, in showing it did not agree with temperatures, indicated that the icon itself, which was based primarily on tree rings prior to the 16th century, was therefore not very good at explaining what the temperature was." (John).

2) "I think I might like it warmer actually" (too vague)

3) "When you look at the possibility of natural unforced variability, you see that can cause excursions that we've seen recently" (Albatross and Dana)

4) "I think there's been too much jumping to conclusions about seeing something happening in the climate and saying 'well the only way that can happen is human effects'" (grypo)

5) "I think the consistency [between now and 1970s cooling predictions]...there's a large amount of ignorance about the climate system." (I already took this one as Christy Crock #1)

6) "I can say that there certainly hasn't been a warming of temperatures since [1998]." (Robert Way)

7) "If you go back through the entire history of the world, most of the periods have not been cooler than today, they've been warmer." (Robert Way)

8) "Greenland ice borehole temperatures...indicated a clear 500 year period of temperatures warmer than the present centered around 900 AD commonly referred to as the Medieval Warm Period."

9) "you're looking at most at a tenth of a degree [reduction in global temperature] after 100 years [if USA imposes CO2 limits]" (Dana)

10) "climate model output does not match up to the real world" (James)

11) "this issue has policy implications that may potentially raise the price of energy a lot, and thus essentially the price of everything else." (Dana)

12) "Evidence was presented by Dr. Ross McKitrick and others indicated the popular surface temperature data sets were affected by warming not likely to be caused by greenhouse gases."

13) "The hockey stick's author was the same IPCC lead author who in my opinion worked with a small group of cohorts and misrepresented the temperature record of the past 1,000 years by promoting his own result...allowing amputation of a disagreeable result, and the splicing of unrelated data to 'hide the decline'" (John)

14) "IPCC-selected lead authors are given significant control over the text, including the authority to judge their own work against the work of their critics...this process has led to the propagation of incorrect and misleading information in the assessments, and thus should lead you to question the IPCC's general support for a catastrophic view of climate change."

15) "Catastrophic warming doesn’t look like it’s in the future at all."

16) "The climate always warms and cools."

17) "People who make those kind of claims [urging immediate action] I think are arithmetically challenged, that they don’t sit down and take out the back of an envelope and calculate that when you reduce emissions by X amount what that possibly might mean to the climate, and they will see that these reductions are just not useful. […] To think that you might change the climate, that’s just not on the cards."

18) "We’re talking about less than a hundredth of a degree [if California cuts emissions by 26% by 2016]. It’s just so minesule; I mean the global temperature changes by more than that from day to day. So this is what we call in Alabama “spitting in the ocean”." (Dana)

19) "On the climate front, [Australia cutting its emissions by 5% by 2020] will be imperceptible or minuscule compared to what the rest of the world is doing." (Dana)

20) "I would think a couple of things will happen [if Australia cuts its emissions by 5% by 2020]. One is that your energy prices will rise and your economy then will begin to turn downward. And you will provide opportunities for other nations to take up the slack that Australia used to provide the world." (Dana)

21) "What we’ve found is that the rate of warming due to carbon dioxide must be pretty small because the Earth is not warming very rapidly. […] I would guess on the order of 1 degree per century. […] I don’t think it’s something to be alarmed at."

22) "Look at the observations and you will find these weather disasters have always occurred. You will find them in the history at various places at various times. It’s just that we have the ability to record them on camera videophones and put them on YouTube and that’s what makes them so dramatic today, because everyone can see around the world these events that are happening in very localized places."

23) "If it’s just between you and me I’ll just say I prefer [the temperature] going up than going down. […] When it goes down we have ice ages that occur and nobody wins in an ice age." (Rob Painting)

24) "Has the temperature of the planet warmed in the past 100 years? And that’s true, it has; it’s warmed a little bit. But remember the climate, or the average temperature of the Earth is never ever static. It is always either going up or going down." (combine with #16 and maybe #21)

25) "Inside a city it’s a lot hotter than out in the countryside, so these thermometers do have problems in that regard."

26) "We look at the temperature of the bulk of the atmosphere, so it’s not confused by what might happen in cities and the countryside and so on at the surface. And by looking at the bulk of the atmosphere where the greenhouse effect is supposed [to] have its greatest effect, we just don’t see much happening at all."

27) "We like to look at the hardcore data, the observations, and the facts of the climate system, and they just don’t add up to make that case..."You know, by looking at the evidence - we have satellites and so on - we do not see any dramatic or catastrophic changes at all."

28) "I’m sure there are people who have something to gain by giving you that message [that if we don’t act now we are doomed]."  [“People are making money from global warming”]

29) "Trying to change the climate that’s only warming at 1 degree per century is almost impossible." [“It’s unstoppable”]

30) "Additional emissions in the atmosphere are only going to add on to what is already there. And so the net effect of trying to change that growth of emission rates is gonna be pretty small."

31) "I think when you say “we” [can’t stop global warming], certainly not the developed countries of the world, because those countries that are in poverty, like China and India and so on, will not stop at anything to continue to develop and feed their people. And the cheapest form of energy is carbon and so they are gonna use it." [“China pollutes more”]

32) "It turns out one of the greatest benefits to humankind [has] come from energy, and cheap and affordable energy, accessible energy. I lived in Africa for a few years and I can tell you that without energy life is brutal and short. And so by making energy more expensive, less accessible, that means you’re gonna reduce your standard of living and in so doing you’re really not going to help the planet." [“Humanity needs energy”] (Sarah)

33) "Australia emits a lot of carbon because Australia makes a lot of things. This is something that perhaps some people don’t understand is that if you don’t make things out of aluminum, or if you don’t mine or extract things that other people in the world want, you don’t have too many emissions. But when you do provide to the world so much of its resources, it takes energy […] The rest of the world should be thanking Australia for providing so many natural resources that we use." [“Humanity needs energy”] (Sarah)

34) "I happen to think life is precious on the planet, so I look at energy as a real enabler of making human life better and longer." [“Humanity needs energy”] (Sarah)

35) "Why are folks motivated to make these dramatic statements that aren’t based really on the scientific evidence? And there is kind of a social religious aspect to it, that they think, you know, the planet does need salvation from evil human beings." [“AGW is religion”]


Like I said, if you want to do a post rebutting any of these claims, say so here.  Feel free to combine multiple quotes into one post if you can.  The blue brackets are subjects without rebuttals yet, so those should be a priority.

2011-04-26 12:51:08Energy
Sarah Green
I'll take a crack at "humanity needs energy", based in a large part on Nate Lewis's "powering the planet" article and talks.
2011-04-26 14:43:09references
Dana Nuccitelli

Cool Sarah.  Also keep these posts in mind:

The key to these arguments is that they're basically assuming energy must come from fossil fuels, which is obviously not true.

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Got it, thanks John.  I also added Lindzen's thus far.

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