2011-06-27 16:17:58He is at it again
Glenn Tamblyn


Bob Carter just had a sizeable piece published on the main opinion page of the Melbourne Age - the quality broadsheet paper in the city. Its the first time I have seen him outside the marginal or right-wing media.


2011-06-27 19:11:26Submitted op-Ed to The Age
John Cook

I know one of the journalists at The Age (which reminds me, I promised to review her book, really need to get onto it). She suggested to their opinion editor that I write a response to Carter's article which they asked me to do this morning so I spent all day working on a 1000 word response. I got some serious writers block with the 5pm deadline looming so many thanks to Dana for helping me out (and Karl Braganza from the Bureau of Meteorology was a big help too).

This is one of my stronger worded articles - I seem to be getting crabbier with each article I publish in the mainstream media. By the end of the year, I'll probably be ranting like Glenn Beck. In this one, I basically call Carter a liar, citing the proverb "a half truth is a whole lie". Should ruffle a few feathers, I imagine.

2011-06-27 23:25:37LOL
James Wight


Glenn and I both posted this at the exact same minute.

I wrote a letter to The Age saying they shouldn't be giving Carter a platform to mislead.

2011-06-27 23:52:41
Glenn Tamblyn




I have started on a piece for ther Age as well. Somehow I don''t manage the prolific/quick out of the blocks thing too well. However I have a couple of family connections into The Age. See what comes of it

Compared to others, Carter is definitely one of the smooth oprerators of AGW denial. Sometimes I wish I could afford to spend a full-time effort on targeting him. He is a big fish compared to Plimer's crude antics But you can't take him on wiith ought being able to put in the time & effort.