2011-05-10 20:41:46new Carter article
Captain Pithart
Peter Hartmann

Carter likes lists:


2011-05-10 23:32:23


"the question of dangerous warming was a good one to raise back in the late 1980s"

That false datum ties in nicely with the deniers favorite 'cooling forecast in the 1970s' meme.  A common thread in denier posts is the cutoff which makes AGW look like a fairly recent theory so as to lend support to the idea that more study is needed.

Fact: the idea that CO2 might cause global warming was being reported widely in newspapers as early as 1953

Carbon Dioxide "Blanket" Promotes Warmer Climate - Edmonton Journal, May 5, 1953



"That is not science, that's just desperately seeking bits of information to back up a theory."



"Like many deniers of man-made global warming, Prof Carter's views may say more about his politics than scientific evidence"


2011-05-11 02:06:27
Dana Nuccitelli

Thanks cap'n.  That son of a....

This horrific article is a good source to launch a Carter series.  Except we used Crocks for Christy, so we'll need a different title.

2011-05-11 06:31:43Alliterations for Carter - which do we prefer?
John Cook


You gotta love thesaurus.com :-)

  1. Carter Canard (or too ad hom?)
  2. Carter Counterfeit (doesn't roll off the tongue though)
  3. Carter Confusion
  4. Carter Chaos
  5. Carter Clutter
  6. Carter Calamity
  7. Carter Catastrophe

Preference, people?

2011-05-11 06:35:19
Dana Nuccitelli

oooh I like Carter Confusion.  Makes him sound like a dolt, which he is, unless he's a dishonest prick (which is also entirely possible).  'Calamity' is good too.

2011-05-11 10:51:25
Glenn Tamblyn



Carter is no dolt.  He is a smooth operator who has been able to influence politicians, do road trips with a sceptical senator through rural Australia etc. Plimer might be a congenital contrarian and a buffoon but Carter knows what he is doing.

How about Carter the Confuser?


2011-05-11 15:01:58
Dana Nuccitelli

Well I should say he makes dolt-ish arguments.  True he's no dolt, but he knows his audience is.

2011-05-11 15:07:39
Glenn Tamblyn


Yep, he's a good Flim Flam Man.