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 2012-03-21-Why HadCRUT3 is wrong.html
 2012-03-21-Falling Cloud Height In the Last Decade_ Is It Just ENSO_.html
 2012-03-20-New research from last week 12.2012.html
 2012-03-19-Sea-level rise 8500 BP to now_ a stark example from the coast of Wales.html
 2012-03-18-Inhofe's Maddow Myths.html
 2012-03-18-Blog Posts 19 to 25 March.html
 2012-03-17-Rachel Maddow Debunks Climategate Myths Using Skeptical Science .html
 2012-03-16-New Research Lowers Past Estimates of Sea-Level Rise.html
 2012-03-16-Fred Singer Debunks and then Denies.html
 2012-03-15-Friss-Christensen and the solar cycle length and Global warming.html
 2012-03-14-Hello again and may I run an idea past y'all_.html
 2012-03-13-History of Climate Science, Part 1, V. 2.html
 2012-03-13-Global Warming - A Health Warning.html
 2012-03-12-New research from last week 11.2012.html
 2012-03-12-Fred Singer_ Climate deniers are giving us sceptics a bad name.html
 2012-03-12-2012 SkS Weekly Digest #10.html
 2012-03-11-The Skeptical Science Temperature Trend Calculator.html
 2012-03-11-Roy Spencer's Bad Economics.html
 2012-03-11-Blog Posts 12 to 18 March.html
 2012-03-10-Younger Dryas - the blog-post.html
 2012-03-09-Why David Archibald is wrong about solar cycles driving sea level (Part 1).html
 2012-03-09-Interactive mythbusting in Lane Cove.html
 2012-03-09-Blog post for Peter Sinclair's latest vid.html
 2012-03-06-neglected new rebuttal_.html
 2012-03-06-The Earth is still warming...A Lot!.html
 2012-03-05-The 1990s were not business as usual_.html
 2012-03-05-Oilman on Climate Change.html
 2012-03-05-New research from last week 10.2012.html
 2012-03-05-Advancing Climate Science, One Skeptic Talking Point at a Time.html
 2012-03-05-2012 SkS Weekly Digest #9.html
 2012-03-04-Blog Posts 05 to 11 March.html
 2012-03-03-Simply Wrong! Bob Carter on Polar Bears.html
 2012-03-03-Prediction_ New Surface Temperature Record in 2013.html
 2012-03-03-Oceans Acidifying Faster Today Than in Past 300 Million Years.html
 2012-03-02-PMO Pest Control.html
 2012-03-01-Nordhaus Sets the Record Straight - Climate Mitigation Saves Money .html
 2012-03-01-Changing climates, changing minds_ the political.html
 2012-03-01-Changing climates, changing minds_ the personal.html
 2012-02-29-THE CARBON BOMB Re-Post - Dana_ This one's ready to go.html
 2012-02-29-Steven Goddard Cherry-Picks a New York Times Typo.html
 2012-02-29-Douglass & Knox 2012 pre-bunked .html
 2012-02-29-Declining Arctic sea-ice and record U.S. and European snowfalls_ are they linked_.html
 2012-02-28-New research from last week 9.2012.html
 2012-02-28-Need feedback on my post about climate scientists and money.html
 2012-02-28-Lindzen's London Illusions.html
 2012-02-27-2012 Weekly Digest #8.html
 2012-02-26-Top scientists urge end to policy and governance failures to tackle social and environmental crises .html
 2012-02-26-Blog Posts 27 Feb to 04 March.html
 2012-02-25-M E T H A N E.html
 2012-02-24-Was the Younger Dryas cooling triggered by an impact_.html
 2012-02-24-Wall Street Journal's _Gang of 16_ misrepresents IPCC projections.html
 2012-02-24-Rosa Parks, civil disobedience and the climate debate.html
 2012-02-24-Feedbacks and Runaway Warming.html
 2012-02-24-DenialGate - Highlighting Bob Carter's Selective Science.html
 2012-02-23-The History of Climate Science, Pt 1_ William Charles Wells.html
 2012-02-23-Monckton Misrepresents Reality (Part 3) .html
 2012-02-23-Article for ABC Environment_ The Challenges and Opportunities in Climate Myth Busting.html
 2012-02-23- Cloud changes may lower global temperature.html
 2012-02-22-Scafetta's Widget Problems .html
 2012-02-22-Heartland Funding Graphic.html
 2012-02-22-Climate change models underestimate future temperature variability; food security at risk .html
 2012-02-22-A Sunburnt Country.html
 2012-02-21-Peter Gleick and the Heartland Release of Documents.html
 2012-02-21-New research from last week 8.2012.html
 2012-02-21-Monckton Misrepresents Specific Situations (Part 2) .html
 2012-02-20-2012 SkS Weekly Digest #7.html
 2012-02-19-Blog Posts 20 to 26 Feb.html
 2012-02-18-Monckton Misrepresents Scientists' Own Work (Part 1).html
 2012-02-18-DenialGate - Infographic Illustrating the Heartland Denial Funding Machine .html
 2012-02-17-Roger Pielke 'Challenge'.html
 2012-02-17-Drought and climate change_ where instinct and perception are not our friends.html
 2012-02-16-Next time we do a humorous post.....html
 2012-02-16-DenialGate Highlights Heartland's Selective NIPCC Science.html
 2012-02-15-An idea about the Heartland-Gate.html
 2012-02-14-ΓÇÿStorm of the Century_ΓÇÖ Try ΓÇÿStorm of the DecadeΓÇÖ.html
 2012-02-14-Search For 'Missing Heat' Confirms More Global Warming 'In The Pipeline'.html
 2012-02-13-Tropical Thermostat Post.html
 2012-02-13-New research from last week 7.2012.html
 2012-02-13-Global Extinction_ Gradual Doom as Bad as Abrupt.html
 2012-02-13-Blog post for Peter Hadfield's Himalayan glacier melt.html
 2012-02-13-2012 SkS Weekly Digest #6.html
 2012-02-12-The Certainty Monster vs. The Uncertainty Ewok.html
 2012-02-12-Response to Meyers at Forbes.html
 2012-02-12-Blog Posts 13 to 19 February.html
 2012-02-11-Satellites find over 500 billion tons of land ice melting worldwide every year, headlines focus on Himalayas (UPDATE).html
 2012-02-11-Fritz Vahrenholt - Duped on Climate Change.html
 2012-02-10-Interest in a peer review post_.html
 2012-02-09-NASA Mission Takes Stock of Earth's Melting Land Ice.html
 2012-02-08-The Real Doping Scandal_ Weather on Steroids .html
 2012-02-08-A prelude to the Arctic melting season.html
 2012-02-08-A mishmash of Monckton misrepresentation.html
 2012-02-06-New research from last week 6.2012.html
 2012-02-06-Climate and Pollen.html
 2012-02-06-Breaking News....The Earth is Warming...Still.html
 2012-02-06-2012 SkS Weekly Digest #5.html
 2012-02-05-Blog Posts 06 to 12 February.html
 2012-02-04-Patrick Michaels_ Yet More Misinformation.html
 2012-02-03-Global Sea Level Rise_ Pothole To Speed Bump_.html
 2012-02-02-Updating The Escalator.html
 2012-02-02-Check With Climate Scientists for Views on Climate .html
 2012-02-01-Volcanic Influence on the Little Ice Age.html
 2012-01-31-New research from last week 5.2012.html
 2012-01-31-NASA scientists expect more rapid global warming in the very near future (part 2).html
 2012-01-30-Measurements show Earth heating up, think tanks and newspapers disagree.html
 2012-01-30-Cool climate papers 2011.html
 2012-01-30-2012 SkS Weekly Digest #4.html
 2012-01-29-Climate change policy_ Oil's tipping point has passed.html
 2012-01-29-Blog Posts 30 January to 5 February.html
 2012-01-28-Examining the Latest Climate Denialist Plea for Inaction.html
 2012-01-27-NASA's Bilal Bomani on new biofuels.html
 2012-01-27-David Archibald Exaggerates the Solar Influence on Future Climate Change.html
 2012-01-26-Public talk_ Global Warming - The Full Picture.html
 2012-01-26-Major Study of Ocean Acidification Helps Scientists Evaluate Effects of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on Marine Life .html
 2012-01-25-The Year After McLean - A Review of 2011 Global Temperatures.html
 2012-01-25-Post for Peter's latest video interview with Katharine Hayhoe.html
 2012-01-25-New temperature record for the Arctic in 2011.html
 2012-01-24-New research from last week 4.2012.html
 2012-01-23-NASA scientists expect more rapid global warming in the very near future (part 1).html
 2012-01-23-2012 Weekly Digest #3.html
 2012-01-22-Blog Posts 23 to 29 January.html
 2012-01-21-National (US) Strategy Proposed to Respond to Climate ChangeΓÇÖs Impacts on Fish, Wildlife, Plants.html
 2012-01-20-Patrick Michaels Continues to Distort Hansen 1988.html
 2012-01-18-What are climate models - and why should we trust them_.html
 2012-01-17-New research from last week 3.2012.html
 2012-01-17-Blog post_ What are climate models - and why should we trust them_.html
 2012-01-16-2012 Weekly Digest #2.html
 2012-01-15-Blog Posts 16 to 22 January.html
 2012-01-14-David Whitehouse Wins Wager with James Annan Thanks to Lady Luck.html
 2012-01-13-Patrick Michaels_ Serial Deleter of Inconvenient Data .html
 2012-01-13-Greenhouse Effect Basics_ Warm Earth, Cold Atmosphere.html
 2012-01-11-Peter Sinclair... Climate and Sea Level Rise.html
 2012-01-11-Gillett et al. Estimate Human and Natural Global Warming.html
 2012-01-10-___Blog post_ Arctic methane outgassing on the E Siberian Shelf part 2 - Interview with Dr Shakhova___.html
 2012-01-10-Puget Sound, Under Threat From Ocean Acidification, Put on _Waters of Concern_ List.html
 2012-01-10-New research from last week 2.2012.html
 2012-01-09-Blog Posts 09 to 15 January.html
 2012-01-09-A Comprehensive Review of the Causes of Global Warming.html
 2012-01-09-2012 SkS Weekly Digest #1.html
 2012-01-07-2011's Wettest and Driest. . . in technicolor..html
 2012-01-06-Lean and Rind Estimate Man-Made and Natural Global Warming.html
 2012-01-05-Trouble in Paradise_ Ocean Acidification This Way Comes.html
 2012-01-05-Trend and Variation.html
 2012-01-05-Climate Denial and the Media - Banishment of Science Reality.html
 2012-01-04-New video from Peter Sinclair on the pending mini ice age....html
 2012-01-04-Blog post_ Arctic methane outgassing on the E Siberian Shelf part 1 - the background.html
 2012-01-04-A Big Picture Look at Global Warming .html
 2012-01-03-New research from last week 1.2012.html
 2012-01-03-A Big Picture Look at Global Temperature.html
 2012-01-02-SkS Weekly Digest #31.html
 2012-01-01-Skepticism About Lower Atmosphere Temperature Data.html
 2012-01-01-North American mammal evolution tracks with climate change.html
 2012-01-01-Blog posts 02 to 08 January.html
 2011-12-31-Review of Schuur and Abbott 2011.html
 2011-12-31-Ancient ocean acidification and coral extinction (after some advice).html
 2011-12-31-2011 year in review (pt2) - work in progress.html
 2011-12-31-2011 Expected to be Second Warmest Year on Record for the UK.html
 2011-12-30-the acronym story (unfinished yet).html
 2011-12-30-Skepticism is a Two Way Street.html
 2011-12-29-Stephen Schneider video.html
 2011-12-29-First draft of '2011 year in review (pt 1)'.html
 2011-12-29-Analysis_ A world apart -- Douglas Fischer, Editor, The Daily climate .html
 2011-12-28-Michael Mann article in the French press.html
 2011-12-28-A Brief History of Public Climate Debate - and other things.html
 2011-12-27-Summary of Hansen 2011.html
 2011-12-26-Weekly Digest #30 .html
 2011-12-25-Weekly Digest.html
 2011-12-25-Blog Posts 26 December to 01 January.html
 2011-12-23-Glaciers have retreated worldwide.html
 2011-12-21-Twelve questions for Drs Shakhova and Semiletov.html
 2011-12-21-At last! A thoughtful conservative perspective on climate.html
 2011-12-21-Another UAH Misrepresentation.html
 2011-12-19-Weekly Digest #29.html
 2011-12-19-Updating the Climate Big Picture.html
 2011-12-19-Making Arctic Sea Ice Loss Real.html
 2011-12-19-Climate Change Threshold nears for rapid increase in wildfires in Canada.html
 2011-12-19-Blog Posts 19 to 25 December.html
 2011-12-18-Ocean Acidification Is Fatal To Fish .html
 2011-12-17-Arctic settles into new phase ΓÇô warmer, greener, and less ice.html
 2011-12-15-WGMS releases 08.90 glacier mass balance survey.html
 2011-12-15-NASA_ Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Changes.html
 2011-12-15-Foster and Rahmstorf Measure the Global Warming Signal.html
 2011-12-12-Weekly Digest #28.html
 2011-12-12-NOAA's 2011 Arctic Report Card.html
 2011-12-11-Is there a case against human-caused global warming in the peer-reviewed literature. More on Part 3. .html
 2011-12-11-Infrared Iris Never Bloomed.html
 2011-12-11-Changing The Global Media Climate (draft).html
 2011-12-11-Blog Posts 12 to 18 December.html
 2011-12-08-Pagani et al 2011.Antarctic glacial onset_ second draft.html
 2011-12-07-Huber and Knutti Quantify Man-Made Global Warming.html
 2011-12-07-2011 AGU Conference Day One.html
 2011-12-06-Skeptical Science Glossary.html
 2011-12-06-Ocean Acidification_ Corrosive waters arrive in the Bering Sea.html
 2011-12-06-It's Not About The Hockey Stick!.html
 2011-12-06-Global carbon emissions reach record 10 billion tonnes - threatening two degree target .html
 2011-12-06-A little bit of warming would NOT be a good thing.html
 2011-12-05-Weekly Digest.html
 2011-12-04-The Monckton Maneuver.html
 2011-12-04-Nils-Axel Mo╠êrner is Wrong About Sea Level Rise.html
 2011-12-04-Blog Posts 05 to 11 December.html
 2011-12-02-Farenheit Celsius ppm 451.html
 2011-12-01-Understanding Solar Forcing.html
 2011-12-01-Temporarily Frozen Planet, Permanently Frozen Objectivity.html
 2011-11-30-2011_ WorldΓÇÖs 10th warmest year, warmest year with La Nin╠âa event, lowest Arctic sea ice volume.html
 2011-11-29-Why do the Hadley surface temperatures disagree with other sources_.html
 2011-11-29-La Nin╠âa reappears_ still weak, but expected to slightly strengthen.html
 2011-11-29-Climategate 2.0 in Context - Solar Warming.html
 2011-11-29-Bridging the Emissions Gap_ A UNEP Synthesis Report.html
 2011-11-28-Weekly Digest #26.html
 2011-11-28-Repost of Potholer54's new video....html
 2011-11-27-Blog Posts 28 November to 03 December.html
 2011-11-26-Schmittner et al. (2011) on Climate Sensitivity - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.html
 2011-11-26-Climate Solutions by Daniel Bailey.html
 2011-11-25-Matt Ridley wrapped most AGW denial assertions into one easily swallowed package.html
 2011-11-24-Memo to Climategate Hacker_ Poor Nations Don't Want Your Kind of Help.html
 2011-11-24-Arctic Sea Ice Hockey Stick_ Melt Unprecedented in Last 1,450 years.html
 2011-11-23-Separating signal and noise in climate warming .html
 2011-11-23-Climategate 2.0_ Skeptics serve up two-year old turkey.html
 2011-11-22-Muller is still lying.html
 2011-11-22-Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Continue Climbing -- WMO.html
 2011-11-21-Weekly Digest #25.html
 2011-11-20-Blog Posts 23 to 29 November.html
 2011-11-20-A Carbon Tariff _.html
 2011-11-18-Pielke Sr. Misinforms High School Students.html
 2011-11-17-What's happening to Tuvalu sea level_.html
 2011-11-17-Congressional Climate Briefing - The End of Climate Skepticism_.html
 2011-11-17-Astrophysi┬¡cists are predicting a long term cooling .html
 2011-11-16-Changing the Direction of the Climate.html
 2011-11-16-A New Peter Sinclair video is up....html
 2011-11-15-Air Pollution a Culprit in Worsening Drought and Flooding .html
 2011-11-14-SkS Weekly Digest #24.html
 2011-11-14-RW Wood and the Greenhouse Effect.html
 2011-11-13-Cardinal Pell should practise what he preaches.html
 2011-11-13-Blog Posts 14 to 22 November.html
 2011-11-12-Is there a case against human-caused global warming in the peer-reviewed literature_ Possible Part 3.html
 2011-11-11-The IEA World Energy Outlook 2011.html
 2011-11-11-Hiding the Incline in Sea Level.html
 2011-11-10-The BEST Summary.html
 2011-11-09-Pielke wants to know....html
 2011-11-09-Australia Legislates an Emissions Trading Scheme.html
 2011-11-07-SkS Weekly Digest #23.html
 2011-11-07-Auditing the Earth's sea-level and energy budgets.html
 2011-11-06-Going Down the Up Escalator, Part 2.html
 2011-11-06-Blog Posts 09 to 15 November.html
 2011-11-05-One if by Land, Two if by Sea_ Climate Change _Escape Routes_.html
 2011-11-04-Sober up_ world running out of time to keep planet from over-heating.html
 2011-11-04-Going Down the Up Escalator, Part 1.html
 2011-11-03-Scientists Predict Faster Retreat for AntarcticaΓÇÖs Thwaites Glacier.html
 2011-11-02-post on new velocity of climate change in the oceans paper.html
 2011-11-02-Is there a case against human caused global warming in the peer-reviewed literature_ Part 2.html
 2011-11-02-Continuously updating myth rebuttals with the latest data and research.html
 2011-11-01-Increase Of Extreme Events With Global Warming.html
 2011-10-31-Weekly Digest #22.html
 2011-10-31-Plimer vs Plimer_ a one man contradiction.html
 2011-10-31-Is there a case against human caused global warming in the peer-reviewed literature_ Part 1.html
 2011-10-31-Baked Curry_ The BEST Way to Hide the Incline.html
 2011-10-30-Settled Science and Uncertainties.html
 2011-10-30-Blog posts 31 October to 08 November.html
 2011-10-29-New tool clears the air on cloud simulations.html
 2011-10-29-Extreme Events Increase With Global Warming.html
 2011-10-28-Pielke Sr. and SkS Dialogue Final Summary.html
 2011-10-28-Can someone please refute Singer's BS at Nature_.html
 2011-10-27-Watts, Surface Stations and BEST.html
 2011-10-27-Extreme Melting on Greenland Ice Sheet, Reports CCNY Team.html
 2011-10-26-Peter Sinclair's latest....html
 2011-10-26-Eschenbach's BEST_.html
 2011-10-25-The Last Interglacial Part Five - A Crystal Ball_.html
 2011-10-24-Yes, It's Still Us, and It's Still Bad.html
 2011-10-24-Amazon Drought_ Heat Stress Linked To Mass Tree Die Off In 2005 & 2010.html
 2011-10-23-SkS Weekly Digest #21.html
 2011-10-23-Blog posts 24 to 30 October.html
 2011-10-23- 9 Months After McLean.html
 2011-10-22-Rethinking connection between soil as a carbon reservoir and global warming .html
 2011-10-21-The BEST Kind of Skepticism.html
 2011-10-21-Is there a case against human caused global warming in the peer-reviewed literature_.html
 2011-10-21-BEST Urban Heating Study.html
 2011-10-20-Economic growth and Climate Change.html
 2011-10-19-Sea levels will continue to rise for 500 years.html
 2011-10-19-Fingerprint Comparison.html
 2011-10-19-Climate Change Demands New Decision-Making Strategies by National Leaders..html
 2011-10-17-SkS Weekly Digest #20.html
 2011-10-16-El Nin╠âo_ Unaffected by climate change in the 21st century but its impacts may be more severe.html
 2011-10-16-Blog posts 17 to 23 October.html
 2011-10-14-Correction to the True Cost of Coal Power - MMN11.html
 2011-10-13-Continued Lower Atmosphere Warming.html
 2011-10-12-Comparing Global Temperature Predictions.html
 2011-10-11-Ocean Heat Poised To Come Back And Haunt Us_.html
 2011-10-10-SkS Weekly Digest #19.html
 2011-10-09-Every Picture Tells A Story - Updated.html
 2011-10-09-Blog posts 10 to 16 October.html
 2011-10-08-Pielke Sr. and SkS Warming Estimates.html
 2011-10-08-Changes in Arctic Sea Ice_ Young and thin instead of old and bulky.html
 2011-10-06-Book review_ The Inquisition of Climate Science.html
 2011-10-04-Nature study_ Rising CO2 levels at end of Ice Age not tied to Pacific Ocean .html
 2011-10-03-Weekly Digest #18.html
 2011-10-03-Latest on loss of old ice and volume loss.html
 2011-10-02-Unrelenting Decline in Arctic Ice.html
 2011-10-02-True Cost of Coal Power - Muller, Mendelsohn, and Nordhaus.html
 2011-10-02-Blog posts 03 to 09 October.html
 2011-09-30-How Increasing Carbon Dioxide Heats The Ocean.html
 2011-09-30-Climate Change Could be Expensive for Canada.html
 2011-09-29-Lessons from Past Climate Predictions_ Arctic Sea Ice Extent.html
 2011-09-28-Graphics for Sea Ice Minimum 2011.html
 2011-09-28-Global Warming from space - second part of intro.html
 2011-09-27-Quick post for Peter Sinclair's latest video.html
 2011-09-27-New or updated post on Arctic Ice, the canary in the coal mine.html
 2011-09-26-Understanding climate denial.html
 2011-09-26-The Deep Ocean Warms When Global Surface Temperatures Stall.html
 2011-09-26-SkS Weekly Digest #17 .html
 2011-09-26-RealClimate Cloud Post.html
 2011-09-25-Pielke Sr. and SkS Disagreements and Open Questions.html
 2011-09-25-Blog posts 26 September to 02 October.html
 2011-09-23-a simple climate modeling analogy.html
 2011-09-23-Sea level rise due to floating ice.html
 2011-09-23-Lucia's Turn.html
 2011-09-23-Book review - could someone proofread this for me please_.html
 2011-09-22-Warming Island - An Own Goal For WUWT.html
 2011-09-22-Monckton, the Anti-Nurse.html
 2011-09-21-_Climate Skeptics are like Galileo_ -- draft rebuttal, for feedback.html
 2011-09-21-SkS and Pielke Sr. Agree on the Important Issues.html
 2011-09-21-Ocean Heat Content And The Importance Of The Deep Ocean.html
 2011-09-21-New GCR rebuttal.html
 2011-09-19-The Last Interglacial Part Four - Oceanic Influences.html
 2011-09-19-SkS Weekly Digest #16 is ready for launch!.html
 2011-09-19-Lessons from Past Climate Predictions_ IPCC AR4.html
 2011-09-19-Further question for Pielke_ A3_ Warming is mostly due to a natural cycle ....html
 2011-09-19-Chasing Pielke's Goodyear Blimp.html
 2011-09-18-suggested answers to all Pielke Questions.html
 2011-09-18-Blog posts 19 to 25 September.html
 2011-09-17-_There shall be no reframing_ (Pielke response).html
 2011-09-17-Trenberth, Fasullo, and Abraham Respond to Spencer and Braswell.html
 2011-09-17-Response to Pielke Q3, Q4, Q5....html
 2011-09-17-Remote Sensing 101.html
 2011-09-17-Pielke question Q6_ Is Global Warming a subset of Climate Change_.html
 2011-09-16-Observations of Climate Change from Indigenous Alaskans.html
 2011-09-16-Cherry Pielke-ing #1_ Atmospheric Warming.html
 2011-09-15-Between St. Roch and a cold place..html
 2011-09-13-Abrupt Climate Change - Its Causes.html
 2011-09-12-Turning a post into a rebuttal.html
 2011-09-12-SKS Weekly Digest #15 is ready for launch!.html
 2011-09-12-Blog Posts 12 to 18 September.html
 2011-09-10-You Ask, We (try to) Answer.html
 2011-09-10-Santer et al. Catch Christy Exaggerating.html
 2011-09-09-Translation of article on denialist peer-reviewed papers.html
 2011-09-09-Just Desserts_ Winning the 2011 Eureka Prize [Guest Post by Bern].html
 2011-09-08-Why underground temperatures do not control climate.html
 2011-09-08-Critiquing Spencer's Response.html
 2011-09-07-Nonsense Conspiracy Dog-whistling about the New Dessler Paper.html
 2011-09-06-Political science_ why rejecting expertise has become a campaign strategy (and why it scares me).html
 2011-09-06-Dessler Demolishes Three Crucial 'Skeptic' Myths.html
 2011-09-05-SkS Weekly Digest #14.html
 2011-09-05-Dr. Andrew Dessler's New Paper Debunks Both Roy Spencer And Richard Lindzen .html
 2011-09-05-Blog Posts 05 September to 11 September.html
 2011-09-03-Extreme Flooding In 2010-2011 Lowers Global Sea Level.html
 2011-09-02-Lessons from Past Climate Predictions_ IPCC TAR.html
 2011-09-01-CERN - Saying Nothing About Cosmic Ray Effects on Climate.html
 2011-08-31-NASA Satellites Detect Pothole on Road to Higher Seas.html
 2011-08-31-Hurricane Irene_ Scientists Collect Water Quality and Climate Change Data from Huge Storm.html
 2011-08-31-Animated climate changes courses go live ΓÇô BC sets another first.html
 2011-08-30-Peer reviewed response to Essenhigh (2009) .html
 2011-08-29-SkS Weekly Digest #13.html
 2011-08-28-Michaels Mischief #2_ Opposing Climate Solutions.html
 2011-08-28-Lessons from Past Climate Predictions_ IPCC SAR.html
 2011-08-28-ClimateWorks Foundation report _The Costs of Delay_.html
 2011-08-28-Blog Posts 29 August to 04 September.html
 2011-08-24-Not so Permanent Permafrost.html
 2011-08-23-_Been There, Done That_ (NSF inspector general Report on Mann).html
 2011-08-23-CO2's just a trace gas.html
 2011-08-22-SkS Weekly Digest #12....html
 2011-08-22-Mythbusting Judith Curry's Uncertainty Monster.html
 2011-08-22-Lessons from Past Climate Predictions_ IPCC FAR.html
 2011-08-21-Tar Sands Impact on Climate Change.html
 2011-08-21-Blog Posts 22 August to 28 August.html
 2011-08-20-Republican Presidential Candidates vs. Climate Science.html
 2011-08-19-Why Human Civilization Will End This Century.html
 2011-08-19-Climate Ethics_ What Can Science Tell Us_.html
 2011-08-19-Button for settled science series.html
 2011-08-18-A new SkS resource_ climate skeptics and their myths.html
 2011-08-16-Scott Denning_ Reaching Across the Abyss.html
 2011-08-16-Greenhouse Gas_ It's not just about CO2.html
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 2011-07-06-Thinning on top and bulging at the waist_ symptoms of an ailing planet.html
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 2011-06-27-SKS Weekly Digest #4.html
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 2011-06-06-Examining Dr. John Christy's Global Warming Skepticism.html
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 2011-04-13-Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Increasing Carbon Dioxide is not good for plants..html
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 2011-03-21-Richard Muller appoints himself 'hide the decline' expert without actually reading the email.html
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 2011-03-05-The name is Bond... Girard Bond. (draft article).html
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 2011-03-04-NEW PAPER_ Has the EarthΓÇÖs sixth mass extinction already arrived_.html
 2011-03-04-NEW PAPER_ Evidence for super-exponentially accelerating atmospheric carbon dioxide growth.html
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 2011-03-04-Icing the Medieval Warm Period . Treehugger mod finally approved my response.html
 2011-03-03-Roy Spencer Part 3 is up.html
 2011-03-03-Northeast USA Carbon Pricing Benefits Exceed Costs.html
 2011-03-03-NEW PAPER_ Extensive glaciers in northwest North America during Medieval Warm Period.html
 2011-03-02-Responding to J Storrs Hall response on WUWT... comments please.html
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 2011-02-23-Post on CO2-free atmosphere .html
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 2011-02-02-Draft Article_ Crichton's 'Aliens Cause Global Warming'.html
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 2011-01-18-My first Post_ TFK09 - Unpacking the Greenhouse Effect. Draft, Comments Please.html
 2011-01-16-Response to Soares et al.html
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 2011-01-14-Excellent article by R.T. Pierrehumbert in Jan.2011 Physics Today.html
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 2011-01-11-Interested in doing a blog post on this one, anyone have access_.html
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 2011-01-03-A submitted skeptic blog post (which I rejected).html
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 2010-12-26-Open Mind posts (back from the dead) now available - REVISED & Streamlined.html
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 2010-12-06-Stratospheric Cooling and Tropospheric Warming - Substantially Revised.html
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 2010-12-02-The human fingerprint in the seasons.html
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 2010-11-30-Series on solar cell physics_.html
 2010-11-27-The Argument For Scientific Consensus.html
 2010-11-26-The Tobacco Strategy_.html
 2010-11-26-Stratospheric Cooling and Tropospheric Warming.html
 2010-11-25-Draft article_ Bicycle Feedbacks UPDATED.html
 2010-11-16-The question that skeptics don't want to ask about 'Climategate'.html
 2010-11-14-Climategate series intro.summary - SUBSTANTIALLY REVISED.html
 2010-11-14-Climategate series explanatory note.html
 2010-11-14-Climategate part 6_ FoI allegations.html
 2010-11-14-Climategate part 5_ Keeping Them Out of the IPCC_ - MINOR REVISIONS.html
 2010-11-14-Climategate part 4_ Perverting Peer Review_ - MINOR REVISIONS.html
 2010-11-14-Climategate part 3_ Hiding the Decline_ -- MINOR REVISIONS.html
 2010-11-14-Climategate part 2_ Temperature record allegations - MINOR REVISIONS.html
 2010-11-11-The human fingerprint in the daily cycle.html
 2010-11-09-Climate cherry pickers_ cooling oceans (feedback required).html
 2010-11-06-Draft blog post on the current La Nina.html
 2010-11-04-Ice free arctic.html
 2010-10-29-Economic Impacts of Carbon Pricing.html
 2010-10-25-Hockey stick or hockey league_.html
 2010-10-23-Updated=Response to Wu et al. 2010.html
 2010-10-23-Isn't a few C of warming really small_.html
 2010-10-16-my take on the Penner Nature commentary.html
 2010-10-15-Geothermal potential of Urban Islands.html
 2010-10-13-Feedback welcome_ Do critics of the hockey stick realise what they're arguing for_.html
 2010-10-11-The sun upside down.html
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 2010-09-29-Rapid blog post on Ljungqvist . Loehle.html
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 2010-09-17-Possible new blog post or minor addition to ocean cooling article.html
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 2010-08-14-New blog post on satellite temperature nonsense.html