2012-03-04 12:08:00Blog Posts 05 to 11 March
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 05

Oceans Acidifying Faster Today Than in Past 300 Million Years (John Hartz)

SkS Weekly Digest (John Hartz)

Tue 06

PMO Pest Control (Robert Way, Albatross, Andy S)

New research from last week 9/2012 (Ari Jokimäki)

Wed 07

Lindzen's London Illusions (Dana)

A Sunburnt Country (Glenn Tramblyn)

Thu 08

Douglass & Knox 2012 pre-bunked (Rob Painting and Dana)

Lane Cove Mythbusting (John Cook)

Fri 09

The History of Climate Science - William Charles Wells (Doc Snow)

Sat 10

Methane - Part 1 (Agnostic)


Prediction: New Surface Temperature Record in 2013 (Dana)

Declining Arctic sea-ice and record U.S. and European snowfalls: are they linked? (John Mason)

Changing Climates, Changing Minds: The Personal (Andy S)

Changing Climates, Changing Minds: The Political (Andy S)

2012-03-08 13:24:47
John Cook


Dana, added a post about my Lane Cove myth busting evening to the schedule - it's a light piece so squeeze it in there wherever required in order to give the Douglass & Knox post the maximum sunlight on that day.

2012-03-08 15:25:02
Dana Nuccitelli

We're holding off on Douglass & Knox to make sure they publish our comment.  And you need to check your email!