2012-03-01 12:49:02Changing climates, changing minds: the personal
Andy S


A few other SkS authors have made some personal posts about their response to the climate change crisis.

Here's mine. 

I focus on how I changed my mind, twice, about climate change and I speculate on why the process of changing my mind was different in either case.

Please fire away, especially if you think I'm being silly or self-serving in any way. I'd rather have some harsh criticism in private than in public.

I found this one hard to write.


There's a Part Two, the political, which will appear shortly

2012-03-02 09:59:33
Dana Nuccitelli

Looks good to me.  Minor comment - sometimes the '2' in CO2 is subscript, and sometimes not.

2012-03-05 18:22:08
Glenn Tamblyn


Andy. Love it. Clean simple exposition.  Personal, Rational and Felt.

An idea, feel free to reject it. At those points where skeptic vs alarmist arguments swayed you, outlining one or two simple examples would be really great. Shows how arguments moved you and the thought processes that led you through them.


2012-03-05 19:11:21
Andy S


Thanks, Glenn. Yes, I considered that and had put in early versions some discussion about Al Gore and sea levels, also about my early liking for Bjorn Lomborg's ideas on economic priorities, as well as the Castles and Henderson criticism of market exchange rates and purchasing power parities. But I thought that those discussions cluttered things up and distracted focus from my main point. I also worried that the discussions would be all about Gore and Lomborg and that's not really the point. Still, an example would make it easier for people to grasp what I'm trying to say about bias. I'll sleep on it.

[Added, after a good night's sleep: I took up Glenn's idea and added a paragraph on Al Gore and sea level changes. Thanks for the suggestion!]