2012-02-22 16:39:12A Sunburnt Country
Glenn Tamblyn


This post is fairly light weight - really just a vehicle for getting one graph in front of peoples eye-balls. But it is a bit whimsical and might be worthwhile in amongst some of the heavy stuff right now. Besides, how often does a post begin with some poetry.

2012-02-22 20:41:41
Kevin C


With the graph so low down, isn't there a danger that people will stop reading before they see it?

From a advocacy perspective I like this, as it is information coming from the commercial sector rather from the scientists.

2012-02-23 03:05:51
Dana Nuccitelli

Yeah, there's a bit of 'burying the lede'.  If you can figure out a way to re-structure the post to get the graphics moved up higher, that would be advisable.

2012-02-24 21:42:12
Glenn Tamblyn


Made some small changes, including a slightly emotive image. The idea is to pull people in enough with a bit of whimsy and emotion to lead them through to the 'money shot' - the Munich Re graph. Rather than something in-your-face, this is trying to pull people along on whimsy, then hit them at the end. How often does an article on AGW lead with poetry?

2012-02-24 22:50:04
John Cook


Dana, you're upsetting Glenn's flow with your suggestion of restructuring. You've become me :-)

2012-02-25 03:10:13
Dana Nuccitelli


2012-02-25 04:33:03
Andy S

Glenn, why not put a one or two sentence summary/conclusion of the article at the top? Perhaps in italics or in a green box. I have started doing that and I think it can act as a hook to get people to read the whole article. Otherwise, they might say, where's all this whimsy/throat clearing leading ? and turn their fickle attention elsewhere.
2012-02-25 05:08:56


I feel that if you're going to lead off with something poetic, you should end with something poetic.

Kind of a dramatic rule, like when introducing a gun in Scene 1, there had better be a murder in Scene 3.

2012-02-25 05:43:20
John Hartz
John Hartz


The graphics are unreadable at the scale shown. You need to insert a blow-up feature into both and let reads know about it.

2012-02-25 17:39:17Blow up dolls...
Glenn Tamblyn


Any more techie types now how to do what JH suggests

2012-02-25 18:22:48
Glenn Tamblyn


Something poetic added at the end - I have always loved the end of Gunga Din. Also an intro paragraph. Just waiting on feedback on the graphics

2012-02-26 13:20:32


I like this, being fond of Kipling (it's not illegal) but a lot of people will not 'get' the Gunga Din reference.


If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
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