2012-02-08 10:36:45The Real Doping Scandal: Weather on Steroids
Tom Smerling



See if you agree that this cute 2-minute animated cartoon from NCAR "knocks it out of the park." :)    It's the best answer I've see yet to the question, "Is the rise in extreme weather due to climate change?"

Narrated by Jerry Meehl.    UCAR seems to be getting their communications act together!    Perhaps boosted by their new communications director, Matt Hirshland, who at the AGU seemed impressive in his plea for a more strategic approach to climate communication.

(This is a cross post from 2-7-12 at ClimateBites.org.)

2012-02-08 12:12:06
Rob Painting

Really cool. Particularly relevant after reading the abstract in Ari's weekly peer-reviewed paper list, that extreme weather doesn't seem to impact US citizens opinions on global warming. WTF!?

2012-02-08 12:40:12
Dana Nuccitelli

FYI, this has gotten Watts' attention as well.

We'll aim to post this either tonight or tomorrow.