2012-01-26 09:09:38Public talk: Global Warming - The Full Picture
John Cook


A post about my talk at Tweed in November, including a few deniers in the audience throwing myths at me:


2012-01-26 09:26:37
Dana Nuccitelli

When you mention Lucia, it would also be good to mention that we incorporated her comments into an update of the post in question.

Were the denier questions really challenging?

2012-01-26 10:05:59Challenging questions
John Cook


Well, no, they were softball questions and they made me realise that giving public talks where you receive climate myths from the audience is a great educational opportunity as you turn their myths into teachable moments.

The challenging stuff was the questions about solutions - my Achilles heel.

Good point, will update the post re the Lucia thing. I want to give Lucia credit in order to perhaps slightly shame the other blogs for their other knucklehead criticisms (slim hope, I know).

2012-01-26 13:03:08
Rob Painting

JC, it readily apparent that you are becoming a much better public speaker - way to go bro! And kudos to TweedCAN for all their efforts.

And yes, the solutions discussion did seem a bit less convincing. But who the heck can remember all this stuff anyway? You need to get Nuccitelli over to talk about solutions.

2012-01-26 14:32:17
Dana Nuccitelli

You need to train yourself up on my solutions posts John :-)

2012-01-26 16:32:47Typo / Download


Just noticed a typo in the first paragraph:

Almost without exception, the criticisms neatly avoid the science presented at SkS and instead focus on big issues like the buttons in our margin, comment moderation and the fact the our header graphic is photoshopped

==> should be "that"


And a comment/question about the download: the link goes to "Slideshare" where you have to register (or login via Facebook) before you can download the file. Could you host the ppt on SkS to make it easier to download?

2012-01-26 17:23:24
Julian Brimelow

Good talk John,

Wow, tough crowd.  Interesting to watch-- quite clear that youre fact-basd talk had no impact on most of them.  They had obvioulsy made their minds up before you started, and in the Q&A were arguing strawmen to try and dismiss the science and the urgency, they were quite keen on politicising things and dismissive of taking action.  In fact, seeking out any excuse to try and make the problem go away. That is a tough one, and I'm not sure how you deal with that. 

However, a reasonable, rational and intellectual person listenig to your talk would probaly have found your talk very compelling and informative.

You did a very good job of listening to people, you did not interrupt them and you calmly and clearly (in most cases) answered their questions-- no trying to dodge bullest or change the subject.  That is impressive, well done.  That positive, neutral tone is key.  Keep up the good work John!