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New temperature record for the Arctic in 2011

Posted on 30 January 2012 by Neven

NOTE: Reposted from Neven's blog post of the same name, via ClimateProgress from the WWF Climate Blog, this piece by Nick Sundt:  

Arctic Temperatures Continue Rapid Rise as 2011 Breaks Record Set in 2010

NASA yesterday (19 January 2012) released data showing that last year temperatures in the Arctic rose beyond the record established in 2010 -- setting a new record for 2011. News of the record Arctic temperatures follows a series of alarming developments related to the Arctic in recent months.

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The surface temperature anomaly for the region extending from 64°N to 90°N, from 1880 through 2011, in degrees Celsius above or below the temperature during the 1951-1980 base period.  The figures shows that temperatures have risen substantially since 1880 and that the rate of increase has been especially rapid since the late 1970s. Source: data from NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Combined Land-Surface Air and Sea-Surface Water Temperature Anomalies, Zonal annual means (Click for larger graphic).

According to NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the annual mean surface temperature (land and air) for the region north of 64°N (the Arctic Circle is at 66° 33'N) in 2011 was 2.28°C above that which characterized the 1951-1980 period.  Temperatures in the region have been rising rapidly since the late 1970s and have not dropped below the long term mean since 1992 -- nearly 20 years. This year's annual mean temperature broke the record that was just set in 2010, when the temperature was 2.11°C above 1951-1980 levels.

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And as a bonus a cool video from NASA showing how that fresh water from Russian rivers got to the Beaufort Sea:

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Brian Purdue


Comment transferred - graph looks busy so the years scale needs to be stretch to match WWF and red matches theirs.

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For more info on that video at the bottom: Arctic Ocean freshwater bulge detected

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Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Neven, the General Chat thread where all of this discussion began is here:


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Rob Painting

That's arctic amplification fer' sure. Thumby.

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John Hartz
John Hartz


I find the "Green Box" text a tad confusing. Is Nick Sundt the actual author of the post? Did Neven repost the article from Climate Progress where it had been reposted it from the WWF? Was Sundt's original WWF post modified by Climate Progress, by Neven, and/or by SkS? 


2012-01-26 02:44:52
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

JH, my understanding is that Sundt is the original WWF author, CP reposted it, Neven learned of it & reposted it as well but with a credit to CP (and Neven's version may vary somewhat from Romm's/CP; haven't checked on that, though).

Essentially a shout-out/hat-tip to the various parties concerned.

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Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Updated:  Reverted to WWF graphic, added footnote to the bottom of the post, added link to source article for video per Neven.



Unless any more inputs (Neven?), ready to publish, Dana.

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Dana Nuccitelli

Sounds good.  Will probably do this one tomorrow and the Hayhoe Climate Crock Friday.