2012-01-15 06:31:58Blog Posts 16 to 22 January
Dana Nuccitelli

Apologies that I'm hogging the schedule a bit this week.  I've got a lot of irons in the fire, and some of these posts are time critical.

Mon 16

Puget Sound, Under Threat From Ocean Acidification, Put on "Waters of Concern" List (Rob Painting)

SkS Weekly Digest (John H)

Tue 17

Patrick Michaels: Serial Deleter of Inconvenient Data (Dana)

New research from last week 2/2012 (Ari Jokimäki)

Wed 18

David Whitehouse Wins Wager with James Annan Thanks to Lady Luck (Dana)

Thu 19

Arctic methane outgassing on the E Siberian Shelf part 2 - Interview with Dr Shakhova (John Mason)

Fri 20

A Comprehensive Review of the Causes of Global Warming (Dana)

Sat 21

What are climate models - and why should we trust them? (Kate)


Greenhouse Effect Basics: Warm Earth, Cold Atmosphere (Tom Curtis)

The Year After McLean - A Review of 2011 Global Temperatures (Dana)

Glaciers have retreated worldwide (MarkR)

RW Wood and the Greenhouse Effect (Eli Rabbett)

2012-01-20 14:56:22Added Kate for tomorrow
John Cook


Dana, would like your 'causes of GW' post to have it's moment in the sun for the whole day so scheduled Kate's modelling post for Sat 21.

2012-01-20 16:28:53
Dana Nuccitelli

Perfect - I don't think anything else is ready to go at the moment anyway.