2012-01-05 10:02:00Trouble in Paradise: Ocean Acidification This Way Comes
John Hartz
John Hartz

I have requested permission to repost this NSF article on SkS. There is a also a video available.

2012-01-05 10:18:27
Rob Painting

Nice find John. I've linked to the Edmunds (2011) paper in the ancient ocean acidification rebuttals, but it's simply building on the work of earlier studies which suggested that feeding by the polyp can offset OA. Only problem being that ocean warming will likely stratify the ocean and dimisnish the upwelling of nutrient-rich subsurface waters, and of course, more mass coral bleaching is likely with further warming.

It's interesting, and may help some fortuitous coral who live in just the right spot, but a reason to be optimistic? Not really, the evidence is stacked heavily against coral in general.