2011-12-19 07:59:31Updating the Climate Big Picture
Dana Nuccitelli

The Big Picture update:

Updating the Climate Big Picture

2011-12-19 15:44:04
Rob Painting

A timely reminder.

2011-12-20 06:51:34


I haven't had time to read this yet, but it looks like a great idea in general, and perusing the sections it looks encouraging... well, not encouraging, I mean, the layout of the article is encouraging,content wise, not the big picture itself, not that the big picture isn't well presented, it's just not a very nice picture... *wanders off muttering*

2011-12-20 07:59:46




I think the "Indicators of a Warming World" graphic is more appropriate in your opening "The Earth is Warming" section.

The ocean heat content graphic is a good one to include, but maybe move it to the following "Global Warming Continues" section, after for Foster/Rahmstorf graphic, and with a brief intro of its own: "For as much as atmospheric temperatures are rising, the amount of energy being absorbed by the planet is even more striking when one looks into the deep oceans."



Add "even more" to the following sentence:

...when we filter out the short-term effects of the sun, volcanoes, and El Niño cycles, the underlying man-made global warming trend becomes even more clear...



Redundant phrasing (simplest, simple):

The simplest line of evidence involves simple accounting.

Maybe instead:

The simplest line of evidence involves basic accounting.


The most direct of evidence involves simple accounting.



...greenhouse gas emissions have caused 166% of the observed global warming since the 1950s, with human aerosol emissions offsetting about 44% of that human-caused warming.

I know what the following means because of the recent article, but I think it will make many people double clutch, and cause some to stop reading because you can't have 166% of something (even though you explain part of that in the remainder of the sentence):



...there is a large segment of the population which is determined to continue arguing the resolved questions...

This makes it sound like such people are in the majority.  Not only aren't deniers a majority, but those that actively argue the case, I would suggest, are actually very, very few.  The Lindzen's and Watts' and CO2isnotevil's of the world are few in number, but very, very vocal.


...there is a very vocal contingent of people that is determined to continue arguing the resolved questions...

[Minor grammar nitpick... use "that" instead of "which" in this case.]



...there is a risk that we headed towards very harmful climate change.

[missing "are"]:

...there is a risk that we are headed towards very harmful climate change.



This is why there is a consensus among economists...

I think your link to the NYU survey of economists should go here.  It's sort of lost in the caption with the figure.



There are more than enough graphics, but at the final section I found myself visualizing a cartoon of someone painting a picture (vew from behind, of the artist, their easel, their painting, and the landscape being painted) where the landscape is lush and green, but the image being painted is sadly barren and depressing.

2011-12-21 15:45:39
Dana Nuccitelli

Thanks Sphaerica, good comments.  Changes made.

2011-12-22 08:27:23


Looks good!  It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it.