2011-12-15 10:48:52NASA: Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Changes
John Hartz
John Hartz

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This post is based on a JPL news release. I have yet to import the graphic.

2011-12-15 11:05:40
Rob Painting

"it's the ecological consequences that matter most"

"The U.N. report's climate simulations predict a warmer and wetter Earth, with global temperature increases of 3.6 to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit (2 to 4 degrees Celsius) by 2100, about the same warming that occurred following the Last Glacial Maximum almost 20,000 years ago, except about 100 times faster"

Of course being an environmentalist, I'm likely to be biased, but these two points should be bolded. The changes to ecosystems, is where the real danger of global warming lies. Food is going to become scarce, and that's a recipe for conflict.

2011-12-15 15:12:45
Otto Lehikoinen

I'm completely expecting the coniferous belt to recede above the arctic circle over time but also not expecting to live to see that. The trouble here in north is the soils are not very nutritious for deciduous trees and hardwood, soil improvement might be in order. Evergreens likely get too little sunlight in the winter to ever populate the areas north of 60N even if the temperatures allowed for that.

2011-12-15 15:42:58


I like this... I actually wish I'd waitied on my 451 ppm post until this was out, so that I could have made reference to it along with the idea that the face of the planet will change.  Do you think Anthony Watts will cry foul if I go back and update the post?

One adjustment... In your "This article is a reprint..." preface I'd provide a link to the paper at SpingerLink and/or the PDF download, or both.

It might also be a good gesture to include this line from the paper:

This paper is dedicated to my great friend and mentor Steve Schneider. —J. C. Bergengren

2011-12-15 15:48:40
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

"Do you think Anthony Watts will cry foul if I go back and update the post?"

You can add it in the form of a dated Addendum at the end of the post.  Use a green box if you wish.

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Good point.  I will do so once this post is live and I can refer to it.

2011-12-16 09:00:49
John Hartz
John Hartz

I've inserted the graphic and referenced/linked the paper at the bottm of the article. NASA provides a second graphic that could be imported as well, Should I do so, or is the single graphic sufficient?