2011-12-06 04:05:58It's Not About The Hockey Stick!
Rob Honeycutt


This is a repost of Peter Sinclair's latest vid...


2011-12-06 05:02:55


Excellent... although I don't see this come up all that much anymore, except by fringe elements and WUWTsters.  When's the last time anyone but McIntyre screamed "hockey stick! hockey stick!"?  How old is Alley's lecture?  Was that a recent event?

The post could include details on exactly what Alley was making reference to (was it the Nov 2010 Congressional hearing?).

2011-12-06 05:27:46
Rob Honeycutt


Sphaerica...  I must frequent more low brow circles online than you.  I still get people harping on the hockey stick all the time.

I just went to the source video for this lecture and the video of it was posted Nov. 2010.  But I think the piece still makes a really good point.  This is about the physics.  And I actually hadn't seen the absorption charts that Alley was using.  The ones where he's showing TOA absorption over time.