2011-11-20 11:35:05Blog Posts 23 to 29 November
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 23

Air Pollution a Culprit in Worsening Drought and Flooding (John H)

SkS Weekly Digest (John H)

Tue 24

Pielke Sr. Misinforms High School Students

Wed 25

Economic Growth and Climate, Part 1 (perseus)

Thu 26

RW Wood and the Greenhouse Effect (EliRabbett)

Fri 27

What's happening to Tuvalu sea level? (Rob Painting)

Sat 28

Changing the Direction of the Climate (Dana and AndyS)

Sun 29

Economic Growth and Climate Change, Part 2 (perseus)


2011-11-25 19:56:44Pending post about klimafakten.de


I've created a draft post announcing the new German website klimafakten.de . The new website is planned to go live on or around November 28 and I'm currently waiting on feedback for the post both here in the forum as well as from the website's creators.

The post can be used as a filler in between the more important stuff which needs to go live at the moment.

Dana: the weekdays in your overview do not match the dates, they are off by two days (it's Friday, Nov 25 today)