2011-11-13 12:17:20Blog Posts 14 to 22 November
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 14

New tool clears the air on cloud simulations (John H)

SkS Weekly Digest (John H)

Tue 15

Hiding the Incline in Sea Level (Dana)

Wed 16

The IEA World Energy Outlook 2011 (Andy S)

Cardinal Pell needs to practise what he preaches on climate change (John)

The Debunking Handbook Part 1: The first myth about debunking (John)

Thu 17

The Last Interglacial Part Five - A Crystal Ball? (Steve Brown)

Fri 18

The Debunking Handbook Part 2: The Familiarity Backfire Effect

Sat 19


Sun 20

The Debunking Handbook Part 3: The Overkill Backfire Effect

Mon 21


Tue 22

The Debunking Handbook Part 4

Wed 23


Thu 24

The Debunking Handbook Part 5

Fri 25


Sat 26

The Debunking Handbook Part 6



Future Climate Outlook - IEA Emissions Scenarios (Andy S and Dana)

Plimer vs Plimer: a one man contradiction (John Cook)

2011-11-13 12:23:51No word on ABC Drum yet
John Cook

He said he'd try to fit my Plimer piece in last week but nothing yet and it wasn't the strongest commitment, it's not easy getting into the hectic Drum. Will email him on Monday morning - he seems to respond better if you email him during office hours so won't email him on a sunday.
2011-11-13 20:47:08Heads-up about an upcoming post


Towards the end of November a new German website (klimafakten.de) is scheduled to go online. Toralf recently mentioned the site in his introduction-post in the authors' forum. Klimafakten.de is based on SkS-rebuttals and currently has several of them translated into German by professional translators. The plan is to reference SkS on klimafakten.de and to add links to klimafakten.de's German rebuttals where we currently very often only have stubs and/or basic versions translated. I think that an introductory blog-post about this partnership/collaboration should be posted at the time they go live and I've already offered to draft one but will need some more input from Toralf and his colleagues with whom I've been in touch for a couple of months now. At the moment this is therefore just a heads-up about an - most likely! - upcoming post.

2011-11-13 20:52:05Sounds good
John Cook

The translation efforts need more attention, I think, so the more talk about the activities of the German translators, the better. Firstly, to give them their dues. Second, to raise the profile of your efforts. Third, to give other translators ideas! :-)
2011-11-16 16:49:31Debunking Handbook
John Cook


Dana, am gonna roll out the Debunking Handbook in 6 parts, releasing it as a PDF at the end (taking a leaf out of Doug's acidification series). So I've slotted them into the schedule but these are "lightweight blogs" - we'll make sure the substantive posts get the full day in the sun and am happy for my debunk posts not to feature at the top of the homepage for too long.

So I'm thinking I'll tend to launch my Debunk posts late in the day, Australia time - so that when you publish a blog post first thing in the morning USA time, that will be roughly only 5 to 8 hours after I post the debunk post. That way, the "real posts" will get more time at the top of the homepage - I'd rather they be the main feature.

2011-11-16 18:04:37



Just an odd thought: Since you're putting such effort into translation into German, it occurred to me that German is spoken in lands other than Germany: Austria, of course, but maybe also in parts of eastern Europe, Argentina; and even primitive regions, like parts of Texas. Any ideas about leveraging this 2nd-language function to promote our message?

2011-11-16 19:12:30


Neal, actually I'm not actively involved with the current translation effort apart from "playing liason" between klimafakten.de and SkS.

As far as promoting the German information explicitely to other German-speaking parts of the world, I'm not really sure how to actually do this. I've been handing out the guide to others and - having had 500 copies printed recently - am pushing this where I can to at least spread the word. One of the members of the translator-team lives and works in Switzerland and he is actively promoting SkS-content there. I think it is a general problem of how to make people aware of the SkS-resources - do we wait for people to eg. happen on the postings about the translated guides or do we actively promote the availability and if so where and when?

2011-11-17 03:37:21
Dana Nuccitelli

Sounds good John.  Looking forward to the debunking handbook.

2011-11-17 12:40:15Of course it's available right now to SkSers
John Cook


You can download it at:


It will be must reading for all SkSers, especially those writing books that debunk lots of myths :-)

But I'm hoping the final version will be a little different. I asked Wendy if she could come up with a sexier design (I did the design work on the current version) and she would be able to come up with something much sexier than what I hacked out. But it depends on whether she gets time to do the design work by mid-next week as I *have* to release the full guide before I leave for Canada on Nov 28.