2011-09-28 01:50:07Global Warming from space - second part of intro
Mark Richardson


First part is here. Still need a name/theme for the series.

Let me know what you guys think: does it make sense? Is it relevant or just directionless? I thought I had to get across some important stuff before delving into the measurements, but I'm not sure whether it would keep people's attention.

I hope to have the lower troposphere temperatures done by the end of the week. Also hopefully stratosphere temperatures and sea level rise, we'll see!

2011-09-28 06:23:23
Peter Hogarth


Some references for your spy satellite stuff? Latest efforts to try to use high resolution spy satellite data in Kwok 2011, and a nice application of the 1970s stereo camera data in Bolch 2011. I like this sensor stuff, but you’ve set an awesome task starting from the basic physics! Good luck.