2011-09-25 12:32:51Blog posts 26 September to 02 October
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 26

SkS Weekly Digest (John H)

The Climate Show #19: A Tale of Two Poles (John C)

Tue 27

Monckton, the Anti-Nurse (Dana)

Understanding Climate Denial (John C)

Wed 28

Sea level rise due to floating ice? (MartinS)

2011 Sea Ice Minimum (Rob H)

Thu 29

Understanding climate denial (John)

Fri 30

Rebuttal to 'Climate Skeptics are Like Galileo (Tom Smerling)

Sat 01

Pielke Sr. and SkS Disagreements and Open Questions (Dana/group)

Sun 02

Deep Ocean Warms While Surface Temps Stall (Rob P)


Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: Arctic Sea Ice Extent (Dana)

Last Interglacial Part 4 (Steve Brown)

Warming Island was not a Separate Island Before 2005 (logicman)

The Last Interglacial Part 4 - Oceanic Influences (Steve Brown)

Between St. Roch and a cold place (JMurphy)

Greenhouse Gas: It's not just about CO2 (Mythago)

Not so Permanent Permafrost (Agnostic)

Abrupt Climate Change - Its Causes (Agnostic)

2011-09-26 03:22:09
Mark Richardson

No need to mention mine yet... I still need a proper title and to make sure it all fits together! :p

2011-09-30 06:32:36
Peter Hogarth


Hi Dana1981, I've been AWOL for a while, so sorry to ask a dumb question, is this a list or a queue system for posts? I'm wondering how we encourage some more reviews and comments, I see some are languishing around in the wilderness for days for lack of feedback, I guess a result of how hectic the site has got! 

2011-09-30 09:14:06It's a schedule
John Cook


But also a convenient place to add pending blog posts for handy reference.

If you have a blog post that needs to be added to the schedule, post it here. If your forum thread isn't getting enough love, bump it by adding another comment to the thread (perhaps nagging people to have a look). I have a few important (IMO) threads (not blog posts but other issues) that aren't getting enough love so I'll probably have to jump up and down to get people to notice them.

2011-09-30 09:50:48
Dana Nuccitelli

Yeah ditto what John said.  It's a schedule for posts that are ready or near ready for publication.  If you've got one that people aren't reviewing, post a comment in your thread to bump it up to the top of the forum so people see it.

2011-09-30 22:13:26
Steve Brown


Dana - you are free to schedule my Last Interglacial Part 4 post.  I'm not making any more changes to it and its not elicited any further comments.