2011-09-18 15:42:39Blog posts 19 to 25 September
Dana Nuccitelli

With this Pielke stuff in the works, kind of hard to set a schedule this week. 

Mon 19

Weekly Digest (John H.)

Chasing Pielke's Goodyear Blimp (John C).

Tue 20

Trenberth, Fasullo, and Abraham Respond to Spencer and Braswell (Dana)

Wed 21

SkS Responses to Pielke's Questions (Dana/group) 

Thu 22

Lessons from Past Predictions: IPCC AR4 (Dana)

Fri 23

Review of Rough Winds: Extreme Weather and Climate Change by James Powell (Anne-Marie)

Icelandic translation of The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism (John Cook)

IPCC AR4 update (Dana)

Sat 24

Galactic cosmic rays: Backing the wrong horse (muoncounter)

Ocean Heat Content And The Importance Of The Deep Ocean (Rob P)

The Climate Show #19: A Tale of Two Poles (John)

Sun 25

SkS and Pielke Sr. Agree on the Important Issues (Dana/group)


Monckton, the Anti-Nurse (Dana)

Pielke Sr. and SkS Disagreements and Open Questions (Dana/group)

Rebuttal to 'Climate Skeptics are Like Galileo (Tom Smerling)

Global Warming from Space: Introduction (MarkR)

Warming Island was not a Separate Island Before 2005 (logicman)

Sea level rise due to floating ice? (MartinS)

The Last Interglacial Part 4 - Oceanic Influences (Steve Brown)

Between St. Roch and a cold place (JMurphy)

Greenhouse Gas: It's not just about CO2 (Mythago)

Not so Permanent Permafrost (Agnostic)

Abrupt Climate Change - Its Causes (Agnostic)

2011-09-23 10:28:44Couple of spontaneous blog posts
John Cook


Sorry, Dana, just threw these in quickly this morning - Anne-Marie finished her book review so I threw it online. Then I got the OK for the Icelandic Guide and was keen to get this online sooner than later - it's a nice positive post and am always keen to draw attention to the Guide.

2011-09-23 10:38:32
Dana Nuccitelli
No prob. I published muon's GCR post and saw that you had published the review about 5 minutes earlier, so pulled muon's back down. I haven't been very good about sticking to the schedule lately anyway. Mostly because there's a lot of stuff in the works, but not much ready to publish quite yet...