2011-09-17 01:37:14Remote Sensing 101
Mark Richardson


Is the initial post for this suggested series. I'm kind of busy so I suspect it'll take quite a while to get the whole thing together. It needs a snappy title... but it's a positive example of 'here's the evidence'.


My current plan is:

1. Intro - what RS is & examples

2. Intro to things light can tell us - amplitude, polarisation, look angle, wavelength
3. Atmospheric temperatures (lower atm)
4. Atmospheric temperatures (higher atm)
5. Sea surface temperatures
6. Snow extent (optical, NIR & microwave)
7. Glacier tracking (optical/NIR mainly?)
8. Sea ice (microwave)
9. Greenland/Antarctica ice mass (GRACE)
10. Radiation spectrum (broadband - CO2 & CH4 picked out)
11. Radiation balance (GERB, although GERB's only one hemisphere etc)
12. Sea level rise (altimeters)
13. Solar activity
14. Albedo
15. Water vapour (SSM/I)
16. Future/current calval missions (Cryosat, SMOS, EarthCARE)

17. Conclusion with the 15 previous graphs.

2011-09-17 02:14:05
Dana Nuccitelli

Looks good.  I'd suggest when you mention that this is a series, maybe giving a few examples of subjects you'll cover in future entries.  And I'd define nm as nanometer in addition to its fraction of a meter.

2011-09-17 04:00:38
Ari Jokimäki


"Bees can see ultraviolent..."

ultraviolent -> ultraviolet


2011-09-17 04:06:47





Sorry, fans of 'Clockwork' know why I had to post that picture.

2011-09-22 05:53:36ready?
Dana Nuccitelli

Is this one ready to publish, Mark?

2011-09-22 06:54:00
Rob Painting


2011-09-24 17:16:28
Mark Richardson

Not ready to publish, I want to have a set of the posts ready so they all come out pretty quickly.

I had my PhD monitoring committee last Friday so I was drowned with work until then. I hope to be writing up 2-3 posts/week from now on!

2011-09-27 01:48:26
Mark Richardson

Also, I want to put some author information and further links at the bottom, what's the best way to do that? This is going to contribute to the outreach my funding demands...

I've put a green box with some links in. I might add an NCEO logo later.



In terms of series name: how about '14', done in the '24' logo style. The theme being that we have 14 pieces of evidence for global warming from space already. The final post will include a countdown of the 14 graphs.


Needs a subtitle: global warming from space? Global Warming from the Final Frontier? GW from RS?

2011-09-29 05:38:14
Peter Hogarth


Title: The view from a thousand miles high? (or more flippantly, "I can see your house from here"...)