2011-09-12 05:24:14Blog Posts 12 to 18 September
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 12

SkS weekly digest (badger)

Treehugger Video #6 (John)

Tue 13

CERN - Saying Nothing About Cosmic Ray Effects on Climate (Dana)

Wed 14

Santer et al. Catch Christy Exaggerating (Dana)

Thu 15


Fri 16

One-Sided 'Skepticism' (dana and the whole team)

Sat 17

Heat from Earth's Interior Doesn't Control Climate (Andy S)

Sun 18

Observations of Climate Change from Indigenous Alaskans (badger)


Cherry Pielk-ing #1: Atmospheric Warming (Dana)

Between St. Roch and a cold place (JMurphy)

Greenhouse Gas: It's not just about CO2 (Mythago)

Lessons from Past Predictions: IPCC AR4 (Dana)

Icelandic translation to the Guide (John)

Not so Permanent Permafrost (Agnostic)