2011-08-28 02:38:43Blog Posts 29 August to 04 September
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 29

Mythic reasoning about uncertainty (muoncounter)

SkS Weekly Digest (badger)

Tue 30

CO2 is just a trace gas (Sarah)

Wed 31

Michaels Mischief #2: Anti-Government Bias (Dana)

Thu 01

Lessons from Past Predictions: IPCC SAR (Dana)

Fri 02

Slovenian translation of The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism (John)

The Climate Show 18: The Big Chill & The Big Fracking Issue (John)

Sat 03

Journal editor resigns over 'fundamentally flawed' paper by Roy Spencer (John)

Sun 04

The Fate of Greenland: Exceptional Storytelling, Extraordinary Photography (Bud Ward)

NASA Satellites Detect Pothole on Road to Higher Seas (Rob P)

Mon 05

SkS Weekly Digest #14 (Badgersouth)

Greenhouse Gas: It's not just about CO2 (Mythago)

Tue 07

OA not OK: Booklet available (Doug)

On Mowing a Virginia Lawn … And Contemplating a Greenland Iceberg (Bud Ward)

Wed 08

Spending A Week Above Arctic Circle On M.S. Fram Off Greenland’s West Coast (Bud Ward)

Haydn Washington talks Climate Change Denial with Steamy Toad (John)

Thur 09

Treehugger Video #6 (John)

Icelandic translation to the Guide (John)


CERN - Saying Nothing About Cosmic Ray Effects on Climate (Dana)

Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: IPCC TAR (Dana)

Not so Permanent Permafrost (Agnostic)

"Been There, Done That" (NSF inspector general Report on Mann) (Alex C)

2011-08-31 09:00:40A reminder


When I see the pending slovenian translation of the scientific guide to global warming skeptism - that reminds me that the icelandic team sent John an email few days ago with the icelandic translation. Just a reminder.. :)

2011-08-31 09:02:07


Did you remember to include the bottle of medieval Icelandic wine?

2011-09-01 01:27:58


I knew I forgot something - Will do that :o)

2011-09-04 16:03:57CERN post
John Cook


Dana, are waiting on nail/coffin graphics for the CERN post or can I publish it?

2011-09-05 01:57:40graphics
Dana Nuccitelli

jg is still working on the graphics.  Keep an eye on this thread, maybe shoot him an email if you want an update.

2011-09-05 11:06:00
Doug Mackie
Doug Mackie

I have the announcement for the booklet (2 line post) pending.


If nobody minds can we get that up soon?

Also dana, post called 'index' Mackie_OA_not_OK_INDEX is not needed but I can't see a way to delete.

2011-09-05 14:36:10What's the URL, Doug?
John Cook

I'll publish this tomorrow morning before I head off to Sydney but what's the URL? I can't find the blog post.
2011-09-05 19:04:53
Doug Mackie
Doug Mackie

If I preview the post it gives me the same as I posted, ius that not the url?

How do I find the url then?