2011-08-07 04:57:49Blog Posts Mon 08 August to 14 August
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 08

SkS Weekly Digest (badger)

Climate Denial Video #4: The favourite weapon of deniers, cherry picking (John)

Tue 09

Where have all the people gone? (Daniel Bailey)

Wed 10

The Last Interglacial Part Three - Melting Ice and Rising Seas (Steve Brown)

Skeptical Science Helps Students Debunk Climate Myths (John)

Thu 11

Christy Crock #7: People Need Fossil Fuel Energy (Sarah)

Christy Crock #7: Expensive and inaccessible (Sarah)

Climate Denial Video #5: Settled science and impossible expectations (John)

Fri 12

The Ridley Riddle Part Three: Like a Northern Rock (Andy S)

Two more reviews of Climate Change Denial (John)

Sat 13

Salby Confused about the Carbon Cycle (Rob P)

OA not OK part 15: No accounting for taste (Doug Mackie)

Sun 14

Zombie claims that CO2 doesn't add up (MarkR)

OA not OK part 16: Omega  (Doug Mackie)


One Confusedi Bastardi (Dana)

GHG mitigation solutions for the Right (scaddenp)

Climate Skeptic Fool's Gold (Dana)

Postma Greenhouse Effect 1 (chris colose)

Postma Greenhouse Effect 2 (chris colose)

A climate sensitivity primer (James)

A Lousy Two Degrees - Who Cares? (Agnostic)

2011-08-11 13:57:13
Doug Mackie
Doug Mackie

I'd quite like to keep the momentum going for the OA series.

2011-08-11 15:00:36
Dana Nuccitelli

Where are the next ones Doug?  When I look for #15 and 16 I get file not found.  Is the URL different than the previous 14?

2011-08-12 01:35:36found them
Dana Nuccitelli

Weird, the URLs seem to be the same, but when I type them in, I get 'file not found'.  Anyway, I found them now.  Will get back on track starting tomorrow.