2011-07-24 08:21:30Blog Posts Mon 25 July to Sun 31 July
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 25

Is the Ocean Blowing Bubbles? (Doug Mackie)

SkS Weekly Digest (badger)

Tue 26

Michaels Mischief #1: Continued Warming and Aerosols (Dana)

Earth's Climate History: Implications for Tomorrow (James Hansen)

Wed 27

SkS Blog experiment (John)

Thu 28

Ocean Cooling Corrected, Again (Rob P)

Fri 29

Monckton Myth #17: Debate vs. Denniss, Part 1 (Dana)

Monckton Myth #17: Debate vs. Denniss, Part 2 (Dana)

Sat 30

The Ridley Riddle Part One: The Red Queen (Andy S)

Did we do it? Yes we did! (Doug Mackie)

Sun 31

John's test post

Christmas Present (Doug Mackie)


Just Put the Model Down, Roy (bbickmore)

Spencer's Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedback (Trenberth)

Loehle and Scafetta Play Spencer's Curve Fitting Game (Dana)

The Ridley Riddle Part Two: The White Queen (Andy S)

The Ridley Riddle Part Three: Like a Northern Rock (Andy S)

Christy Crock #7: People Need Energy (Sarah)

A Lousy Two Degrees - Who Cares? (Agnostic)

The Last Interglacial Part Three - Melting Ice and Rising Seas (Steve Brown)

2011-07-26 16:48:12Moving James Hansen up
John Cook


Dana, I hope this is cool - I'm moving James Hansen up. The reason is because I'd like to run the SkS blog experiment tomorrow and to do so, need the blog post to be #1 on my homepage for as long as possible, until I get around 10 to 15 skeptic AND warmist comments.

2011-07-27 01:59:19
Dana Nuccitelli

Sure no problem John.  Feel free to bump Rob's and my posts back a day if you'd like.  I'll actually be out of town the next few days, so I'll leave it to you to publish them.

2011-07-27 06:29:46Bumping posts
John Cook

I'm hoping not to bump anyone, hopefully I'll get all the comments I need for this post today and it'll be BAU.