2011-07-19 08:59:07Examples of Monckton contradicting his scientific sources
John Cook


I'm going to publish this blog post in about 3 hours from now, just before the 12.30pm Monckton vs Richard Denniss debate:


Denniss may reference the blog post during the debate or at least link to it from his website and reference it there. So feedback to make it as bullet proof as possible very welcome!

2011-07-19 09:21:14


Any way of working in that "I'm a member of the House of Lords albeit without voting or seating rights"?

2011-07-19 09:29:10Not sure I want to go there
John Cook


Safest if SkS sticks to the science - many others have hashed over that including the Guardian overnight.

2011-07-19 10:54:25
Rob Painting

Very clever working in a blog post with Denniss' '"debate". Should attract a sizeable amount of traffic.

That comment from Tad Pfeffer on sea level is a classic. Are you able to swap it around to either the first or last example to give it greater prominence?

Be good too when the SkS glossary is up and running, so that the casual reader can follow what's going on.

2011-07-19 11:21:41
Dana Nuccitelli

"encourages his audience to check the data for himself themselves."

Define "AGW" in the Lorrey quote, where it's first used => "AGW [anthropogenic global warming]"

The last quote didn't seem to address the comment about the Beaufort Sea ice - at least not very clearly.

2011-07-19 11:35:45Updated
John Cook


Thanks for the tweaks.

Have moved Tad Pfeffer up higher (but John Abraham recommended the ordering of the first 4 as the most important so in deference to the incredible amount of work he spent assembling these quotes, will keep the first 4 as is).

Also made Dana's corrections and removed the Beaufort Sea quote - it is pretty confusing. These dang ivory tower scientists and their technobabble!

Rob, wasn't that clever - in fact, I resisted the idea for as long as possible (hoping someone else would take it on). Hence the google spreadsheet - throw it online and hope the magical quote fairies would work on it overnight :-) But I could see the importance of the resource and I wasn't sure Richard Denniss would be able to do it justice himself. Also potentially a good opportunity if Denniss links to it from his site (or he said he might even mention it during the debate). In fact, will send him a text when I go live shortly.

Posting in 25 minutes...

2011-07-19 12:02:51Published
John Cook


Dana, if you could give this one at least a few hours to breath, would be great. If we're lucky enough for the debate to drive traffic our way, would like this to be the first thing they see on the homepage. I can publish Doug's OA-OK post tonight.

2011-07-19 12:15:59
Dana Nuccitelli

Sure no problem.  I was going to push the next OA is OK to tomorrow morning, but feel free to post it tonight if you prefer.

2011-07-19 15:12:26
Chris Colose


If there's a video link to the debate can someone post it?