2011-07-10 02:43:48Blog Posts Mon 11 June to Sun 17 July
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 11

The f-word: pH (Doug Mackie)

SkS Weekly Digest (badger)

Tues 12

Tracking Earth’s energy: A key to climate variability and change (Kevin Trenberth)

Irregular Podcast 21 (Dana)

Wed 13

Visions of the Arctic (John Cook)

Reservoir Dogs (Doug Mackie)

Thu 14

Great Barrier Reef Part 3: Acidification, Warming, and Past Coral Survival (Ove H-G)

Thinning at the top, bulging at the waist, but another new hockey stick (AndyS)

Monckton at odds with the very scientists he cites (John Abraham)

Fri 15

Why Wasn't the Hottest Decade Hotter? (Rob P)

Always take the Weathering (Doug Mackie)

Sat 16

Citizen Science (Dawei)

Sun 17

Carter Confusion #3: Surface Temperature Record Cherries (tamino)

French translation of The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism (John)


Milankovitch Cycles (Chris Colose)

Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: Wallace Broecker (Dana)

China from the Inside Out (Rob H)

Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: William Kellogg (Dana)

2011-07-10 18:54:36
Doug Mackie
Doug Mackie

Reservoir Dogs and Always Take the Weathering loaded.

2011-07-11 07:42:35Added an open letter from John Abraham
John Cook


Just waiting on the green light from John - this could go up any time.

2011-07-11 12:52:35Hmm, but don't want to steal Trenberth's thunder
John Cook

Hopefully will get it up before Tue morning so we can leave Trenberth up all day at #1
2011-07-11 15:30:58Visions of the Arctic
John Cook


A few weeks ago, National Geographic emailed asking if I wanted to repost some pics of polar bears from their upcoming issue. I asked if their photographer was interested in writing a guest post - which he did. Here's the article (just waiting for greenlight from National Geographic):

Visions of the Arctic

2011-07-11 16:25:18
Rob Painting

National Geographic contact you? Whoa!

Excellent piece and the photographs are superb, even shrunk to fit SkS page.  

2011-07-11 18:57:58Shrunken pics
John Cook

Clicking on the pics shows bigger versions - seemed a shame to restrict them to 570 pixels
2011-07-12 09:09:08Shuffling the deck chairs
John Cook


Note Dana, haven't got the green light from JA yet but did get green light from National Geographic so I slotted that into Wed morning and JA is still pending.

2011-07-18 02:11:57Where's the update for this week?
John Hartz
John Hartz

I need the list of articles in the pipeline for the Weekly Digest.