2011-06-23 01:55:37Recommended format for multi-post articles -- Green "Note" box
John Hartz
John Hartz

I recommend that a green "Note" box al la what Dana did for McManufactured Controversy be inserted into all multi-post blog articles.

Here's an example of what I have in mind. I have recommended that Steve Brown do this for his Last Interglacial series.

NOTE:  This is the second article of a three-part series on what we can learn from the Last Interglacial time period. Understanding this period may provide clues on how the environment may respond to similar conditions in the future. In the first post, we described the conditions that exisited during the Last Interglacial. In this post, we we examine two of the key factors that caused the conditions described in the first post. In the third, and final, article we will explore what all this means for the future.

Note: Insert URL links to the first and thrd articles in the above text.