2011-06-12 12:59:41Blog Posts Mon 13 June to Sun 26 June
John Cook


This week is a funny one - we'll be reposting a series of daily blog posts that are running on the Australian websites The Conversation and Shaping Tomorrow's World. I'll be publishing those so they'll be in the afternoon, Australia time. So Dana, I recommend continue our usual routine - if you want to publish internal SkS posts at your usual time (which is usually just after midnight Australia time). So just slot our SkS posts into the schedule at the start of each day.

Mon 13 June

SkS Weekly Digest (badgersouth)

Tue 14 June

Phil Jones - Warming Since 1995 is now Statistically Significant (Dana) 

Climate change is real: an open letter from the scientific community (John)

The greenhouse effect is real: here's why (Dr. Karl Braganza, Bureau of Meteorology)

Wed 15 June

The Planetary Greenhouse Engine Revisited (Chris Colose)

Speaking science to climate policy (Dr James Risbey, CSIRO)

Thur 16 June

How would a Solar Grand Minimum affect global warming? (John)

Our effect on the earth is real: how we’re geo-engineering the planet (Prof Mike Sandiford, University of Melbourne)

Fri 17 June

CO2 Currently Rising Faster than in the PETM Extinction Event (Rob P)

Who's your expert? The difference between peer review and rhetoric (Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, UQ)

Sat 18 June

Basic rebuttal to no link between extreme weather and climate change (anne-marie)

STW:Suitable material from the Garnaut Report (byline Professor Ross Garnaut)

Sun 19 June

Climate Show #14 (John)

Mon 20 June 

SkS Weekly Digest #3 (badger)

Climate change denial and the abuse of peer review (Prof Stephan Lewandowsky, UWA)

Tue 21 June

Introducing the Skeptical Science team (John)

STW: Ross Garnaut: Australia's contribution matters.

Review of 2084: An Oral History of the Great Warming by James Powell (John)

Wed 22 June

IPCC Report on Renewables and more Manufactured Controversy (Dana and MartinS)

STW: Stephan Lewandowsky and Michael Ashley: The strange world of the climate denier.

Thur 23 June

Sea Level Hockey Stick (Dana)

STW: John Abraham: The Chief Troupier

Fri 24 June

The Last Interglacial - An Analogue for the Future? (Part 1) (Steve Brown)

Rogues or respectable? How climate change sceptics spread doubt and denial (Ian Enting)

Sat 25 June

A Detailed Look at Renewable Baseload Energy (Mark Diesendorf and Dana)

Bob Carter’s climate counter-consensus is an alternate reality (David Karoly)

Sun 26 June

Uncertainty in Global Warming Science (Hugo Franzen)

A journey into the weird and wacky world of climate change denial (Steve)

Pending (to be inserted into schedule wherever possible)

New Zealand Snow No Show = No Jobs (Rob P)

The Last Interglacial Part 2 - Why was it so warm? (Steve Brown)

The body of evidence in climate science requires an active mitigation response (actually thoughtful)

Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: Don Easterbrook (Dana)

Trouble Brewing in the North (Mark R)

German Energy Priorities (Dana and Baerbel)

2011-06-12 13:07:56
Dana Nuccitelli
Okey dokey, I'll post one of ours in the mornings. Are you going to handle posting these ones?
2011-06-12 17:28:55Yes
John Cook

I'll post the STW posts, Steve will probably email me as they go live.
2011-06-12 23:38:27Distribution of the the Weekly Digest
John Hartz
John Hartz

To be most teffective, the SkS Weekly Digest should be distributed as a stand-alone email.

2011-06-13 20:48:53STW posts delayed
John Cook


Some uncertainty on when to start the STW series but it won't be Monday. So SkS is BAU until otherwise notified. Dana, feel free to publish any post Tues morning that is ready to go (perhaps your Phil Jones post?)

2011-06-14 03:05:30
Chris Colose


I think my planetary greenhouse post is ready to go unless anyone has any other comments; I should have fixed all the bugs.  Like I said, I'd prefer that sooner than later just because it is partially a response to blog commentary over the last few days, and that stuff always gets outdated quickly.


2011-06-14 03:27:02
Dana Nuccitelli

I'll plan on posting yours tomorrow Chris, unless something more urgent comes up.

2011-06-17 17:08:32BTW, nix on cartoon post (for now)
John Cook


Dana, that old "heading into an ice age" cartoon we skyped about, I can't find the original file so no chance of a post about it over the next day, I'm afraid :-(

2011-06-17 21:22:11Is this the cartoon you mean?
James Wight



2011-06-17 22:01:01Yes
John Cook

But I have a high rez vector version somewhere on my computer, which I was going to put on the graphics page and CafePress. Timely considering the ice age kerfuffle. But I can't find the blasted file.
2011-06-18 00:14:22SkS Weekly Digest -- 3rd Edition...
John Hartz
John Hartz

doesn't appear on the above list. Please add.


PS -- The SkS daily emails do not contain the SkS banner/header. Can it be inserted? 

2011-06-20 21:25:31Update to Conversation schedule
John Cook

21st June - Ross Garnaut: Australia's contribution matters.
22nd - Stephan Lewandowsky and Michael Ashley: The strange world of the climate denier.
23rd - MORNING - John Abraham: The Chief Troupier
23rd - AFTERNOON - Ian Enting: Muddlers, Marytrs or Miscreants
24th - MORNING - David Karoly: Counter Noise
24th - AFTERNOON - All authors: Closing statement.
Note: Badger, will add the header soon.
2011-06-24 22:23:24We missed this one
James Wight



2011-06-26 15:25:44Missed?
John Cook


I could've sworn I posted that one, I distinctly remember looking at the YouTube. But it's not on SkS. Go figure! Posting it now, thanks James.