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Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 6 June

Poleward motion of storm tracks (Ari)

SkS Weekly Digest (Badgersouth)

´╗┐´╗┐Tues 7 June

Christy Crock #6: Climate Sensitivity (Dana)

Irregular Climate podcast 20: Dead trees make for good reading (John)

Tony Abbott denies climate change and advocates carbon tax in the same breath (John)

Wed 8 June

Websites for watching the Arctic sea ice melt (michael sweet)

History Matters: Carbon Emissions in Context (Steve)

There's no room for a climate of denial (Haydn Washington)

Thu 9 June

Imbalance in US TV Media Coverage of Greenhouse Gas Regulation (Dana)

Geologists and climate change denial (John)

Fri 10 June

Ocean Acidification: Some Winners, Many Losers (Rob P)

Climate Consensus on a T-shirt (John)

Sat 11 June

The Critical Decade - Part 3: Implications for Emissions Reductions (Dana)

Sun 12 June

Examining Dr. John Christy's Global Warming Skepticism (Dana)

Forecast: Permanently Hotter summer in 20-60 years (oslo)

Mon 13 June

SkS Weekly Digest (badgersouth)


Trouble Brewing in the North (Mark R)

The Last Interglacial - An Analogue for the Future? (Steve Brown)

Basic rebuttal to no link between extreme weather and climate change (anne-marie)

A Detailed Look at Renewable Baseload Energy (Mark Diesendorf and Dana)

German Energy Priorities (Dana and Baerbel)

2011-06-06 19:05:14Geologists & Climate Change Denial?


I've been on vacation lately and I might have missed something - but the title of the blog post "Geologists & Climate Change Denial" doesn't sound right. What gives?


Edit: Ok, seen it know - not as dramatic as I thought ;)

2011-06-11 19:17:03
Doug Mackie
Doug Mackie

Hi, Doug Mackie here. John asked me to pop in and explain my idea.

I am planning a series - of 10 posts - explaining ocean acidification at entry level. That is, anyone with year 11 science at high school should be able to follow. I am writing the posts with Prof Keith Hunter from U. Otago in NZ and with Christina McGraw (late of U. Otago now Clark U. in the US). A brief outline of each post follows.

We are planning on posting at Gareth's Hot-Topic and if you'll have it here as well. Otherwise I can stitch the posts together and make a booklet (easy because they are being written as a booklet to begin with) for hosting at SkS.

Because we are writing as a team and because we want to have a complete booklet before we start publishing I am a little fuzzy on a timeline. The first 4 posts are written (pending our inevitable bickering about commas) and I think it will take 3 days to get each of the others finalised. So say the first one ready to go (if you want it) last week of June. I'll try put a demo of the first post up later this evening.

Our initial idea was one a week but once they are all written it really won't matter and we could do 10 at once or whatever. Oh and don't worry about the titles – purely placeholders.

Each post will be 600-900 words and well illustrated. I think this should be viewed as a resource for interested lay people and media.


1. OA is not OK

Ca2+  + 2HCO3- -> CaCO3 + CO2

When is a chemical equation valid? (i.e. thermodynamics)


2. Wherever I lay my shell, that's my home

Why CaCO3 is energetically free to make


3. The f word: pH

Revise logs and pH (sounds boring but it isn't)


4. Reservoir dogs

Ocean carbon distribution, reservoir sizes

How it gets there (weathering)


5. Shell game

How we know extra CO2 in the ocean is fossil (reprise of my earlier post at SkS)

How CO2 gets into the ocean (Henry's law)

Equations to show CO2 up means HCO3- down and H+ up

and therefore dissolution of CaCO3


6. Polymorphs the son of Poseidon

Introduction to aragonite and calcite


7. Christmas past – always take the weathering

Climate stabilisation – the white cliffs

Climate destabilisation – LPTM and what happened for 6 deg in 20,000 y.


8. Christmas present  – time's up for omega

Modern observations of OA


Saturation depth


9. Christmas future – oysters on a half shell

Why oceans will continue to uptake CO2



10. Summary

Just the facts from previous 9 in one single post. This post is the advanced answer.

Posts 1-9 are entry level.


Comments and suggestions welcome to dmackie@chemistry.otago.ac.nz

I am virtually blog software illiterate and may ask for help in formatting.




2011-06-11 19:57:28
Rob Painting

Awesome Doug!, look forward to it (I'm DW over at Hot Topic by the way). I dig the titles, they'll just have to be given a more search-friendly filename here at Sks is all.  

2011-06-11 20:53:07Looking forward to this
John Cook

Love the titles, especially 1 and 3 - I LOLed at #3. SkS is happy to host the booklet. Do you need help with the design? Often when we do series here, we have a button or graphic that binds them all together. I would suggest having the cover design adapted into a button that goes at the top of each blog post and in the left margin. So if you like the sound of that, before we start, we should do the design of the booklet cover - which I can help with if you need it (to be precise, Wendy can help with the design).
2011-06-11 23:09:20Sunday's Weekly Digest
John Hartz
John Hartz

John: Please add the 2nd edition of the Weekly Digest. It will be ready for release tomorrow (Sunday) morning. 

In a few minutes, I will post a link to the working draft of the Weekly Digest issue #2.

The above "Pending List" will appear in the second section ("A look ahead...") of the digest.