2011-05-29 03:18:05Blog Posts Mon 30 May to Sun 5 June
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 30 May

Of Averages & Anomalies - Part 1B (Glenn)

Shaping Tomorrow's World After One Month (Steve)

Are you a genuine skeptic or a climate denier? (John)

Tues 31 May

An Interactive History of Climate Science (John)

problematics of classifying papers for the peer-reviewed paper database (Ari)

Wed 1 June

Amazon Drought Part 2 (Rob P)

The Critical Decade - Part 2: Climate Risks (Dana)

Thurs 2 June

Amazon Drought Part 3 (Rob P)

Fri 3 June

IEA CO2 Emissions Update 2010 - Bad News (Dana)

CO2 – Some facts, figures and outcomes (Agnostic)

Sat 4 June

Of Averages & Anomalies - Part 2A (Glenn)

Sun 5 June

Of Averages & Anomalies - Part 2B (Glenn)

Mon 6 June

Poleward motion of storm tracks (Ari)

´╗┐´╗┐Tues 7 June

Christy Crock #6: Climate Sensitivity (Dana)

Wed 8 June

History Matters: Carbon Emissions in Context (Steve)


The Critical Decade - Part 3: Carbon Emissions Reductions (Dana)

Geologists & Climate Change Denial (John - excerpting ABC Environment article)

2011-05-29 03:21:32
Alex C


Unless the Averages and Anomalies Part 2 set has to be reviewed as well, perhaps a Fri-Sat post (they could probably be revised and such by then anyways)?  They're at least pending I would think, unless you want to leave spots open in case items have to be bumped.

2011-05-29 03:35:56
Dana Nuccitelli

You beat me to the punch, Alex.  That's exactly what I did :-)

2011-05-29 03:44:42
Alex C


*grins sheepishly*

Looks good to me.

2011-05-30 17:10:00Geologists & Climate Change Denial article bumped
John Cook


ABC Environment have put my geologist article on hold for a while as I was just published on the ABC Drum (they're a bit weird about publishing the same person on different parts of the ABC at the same time). So I've bumped that from the schedule.

2011-05-31 15:38:43Bumped Dana & Agnostic/Michael's Facts & Figures post
John Cook


Moved Dana's IEA CO2 post off schedule until this whole Drum/Conversation thing is worked out.

Moved Michael's CO2 fact & figures post up to Wed morning - assuming it's good to go, right?