2011-05-23 04:52:56Blog Posts Mon 23 May to Sun 29 May
Dana Nuccitelli

Mon 23 May

Humlum is at it again (julien)

UQ Physics Colloquium this Friday: Communicating Climate Science & Countering Disinformation (John)

Tues 24 May

Carter Confusion #2: Green Jobs (Dana)

Hooks, Roles, and the Climate Change Blame Game (grypo)

Can we trust climate models? (Verity from Carbon Brief)

Wed 25 May

April monthly climate summary (Michael Searcy)

The Climate Show Episode 13: James Hansen and The Critical Decade (John)

Thur 26 May

Even Princeton Makes Mistakes (Chris)

Fri 27 May

The Stockholm Memorandum (grypo)

If It's Not Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll, what is it? Creativity maybe? (Steve Lewandowsky)

Sat 28 May

The Critical Decade - Part 1: The Science (Dana)

Sun 29 May

Of Averages & Anomalies - Part 1A (Glenn)

Blog about Sydney/Canberra book launch (John)

Mon 30 May

Of Averages & Anomalies - Part 1B (Glenn)

Tues 31 May

An Interactive History of Climate Science (John)

problematics of classifying papers for the peer-reviewed paper database (Ari)

Wed 1 June

The Critical Decade - Part 2: Climate Risks (Dana)

Geologists & Climate Change Denial (John - excerpting ABC article)

Thurs 2 June

Amazon Drought Part 2 (Rob P)



CO2 Facts, Figures, and Outcomes (Agnostic)

2011-05-24 23:12:05Crammed Tuesday
John Cook


Sorry Dana, guest post from Carbon Brief flew in Tuesday night and it was a little time sensitive so I threw it up straight away, knowing there was Michael's April summary post on Wed morning and my ABC Environment post probably for Wed afternoon. Busy week, good problem to have :-)

2011-05-24 23:13:38BTW, thanks
John Cook


Dana, I've been off gallivanting around and you've been keeping the blog posts organised - many thanks for keeping the shop in good order!

2011-05-25 01:38:00
Dana Nuccitelli

No problem, glad to be of service.  I'll wait an extra hour or two to give some breathing room before posting the monthly summary.

2011-05-25 19:45:02Geologists bumped
John Cook


Got an email from ABC Environment, they bumped my geologist article to next Wed so I moved Climate Show up to this afternoon.