2011-05-09 19:04:54Blog posts Mon 9 May to Sun 22 May
John Cook


Mon 9 May

What scientists are saying about Skeptical Science (John)

New SkS graphic: the Respiration Carbon Cycle (John)

Tue 10 May

Lindzen Illusion #6: Importance of Greenhouse Gases (Dana)Upcoming 'Climate Change Denial' book launches in Sydney and Canberra (John)

Wed 11 May

Infographic: 97 out of 100 climate experts think humans are causing global warming (John)

Thur 12 May

Book reviews of Climate Change Denial (John)

Fri 13 May

Lindzen Illusion #7: The Anti-Galileo (Dana)

Sat 14 May

How people are using the Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism (John)Whom Do You Trust? (Daniel)

Sun 15 May

Amazon drought & high CO2 levels (Rob)

Mon 16 May

Special Parliament Edition of Climate Change Denial (John - I'll publish this one from Canberra - or maybe on Sunday night)

Is CRU the principal source of climate projections? (Robin carbon brief - note Robin should be publishing this one)

Tue 17 May

National Academy of Sciences on Climate Risk Management (Dana)

Wed 18 May

Another animated version of the Warming Indicators Powerpoint (John)

Thur 19 May

Carter Confusion #1: Anthropogenic Warming (Dana)

Fri 20 May 

Coral Atolls rebuttals (Rob P)

Polish translation of The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism (John)

Sat 21 May

A New Solar Reconstruction (Dana)

Skeptical Science Educates My Students (Scott Mandia)

Sun 22 May

Roy Spencer’s Latest Silver Bullet (Barry)

Mon 23 May

Humlum is at it again (julien)

Tues 24 May

Hooks, Roles, and the Climate Change Blame Game (grypo)


Launch Ville's peer-review visualisation (John)

Of Averages and Anomalies Part 1 (Glenn)

The Stockholm Memorandum (grypo)

Carter Confusion #2: Green Jobs (Dana)

Even Princeton Makes Mistakes (Chris)

CO2 Facts, Figures, and Outcomes (Agnostic)

problematics of classifying papers for the peer-reviewed paper database (Ari)

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John Cook

Dana (or another admin), could you publish the amazon post?
2011-05-15 07:58:15
Dana Nuccitelli

Got it.