2011-05-06 09:21:09What scientists are saying about Skeptical Science
John Cook


Any thoughts on this post before I publish - I don't want to sit on this forever hoarding up quotes - am happy to post this and if others come along, I'll add them over time:


The last two quotes are my favourite - I hope this is an encouragement to all who contribute here at SkS, we are making a difference.

2011-05-06 09:34:28Comment
Robert Way


The head of the pacific institute for climate solutions said he uses your app all the time :P

PS John long time no talk, busy I imagine?

2011-05-06 11:24:44Busy times
John Cook


Yeah, sorry, I am checking the forum regularly on the iPad but not commenting as much, seem run off my feet just trying to get through the in-box emails at the moment. Actually looking forward to getting past these book launches so I can get back to doing SkS online stuff, the really fun stuff!

2011-05-06 11:28:25I like the use of the mug shots
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Chip Fletcher makes an excellent observation about learning visually.  Visuals are an integral component of the pharmaceutical sales process (my unlamented former industry); as such their use is mandatory on every single call.  Multiple industry studies show retention of information with a graphic is more than double than without.

During one of the advanced training classes I was tested to see just how visual my learning process was.  I scored 90%, meaning even if I was completely deaf my ability to learn would be essentially unchanged (as long as there were visuals, I guess).  It also means I don't bother with books on tape while driving.  Just more ambient background noise to me.

2011-05-06 12:53:29nice
Dana Nuccitelli

Looks good to me. Nice and simple, the quotes speak for themselves.  Great endorsements!

2011-05-06 15:05:26
Julian Brimelow

John I just emailed Drs. Weaver, Schmidt, Hansen, Trenberth and Santer.  We'll see what they say, if anything (these guys are busy beyond belief and might also not wish to publicly endorse SkS b/c of fear of reprisal).  Crap, I forgot Solomon-- she is not shy about speaking her mind.

2011-05-07 12:46:43


Some very complimentary remarks there, nicely presented as an article.