2011-05-02 20:30:08Blog posts Mon 2 May to Sun 8 May
John Cook


Sorry I've been a little distracted and disorganised of late. Will get this thread started and hope some of the other admins can help keep a steady flow of blog posts lined up so we don't get blockage like we did last week:

Mon 2 May

Frauenfeld, Knappenberger, and Michaels 2011: Obsolescence by Design? (Daniel Bailey)

Tue 3 May

Lindzen Illusion #3 & Christy Crock #5: Opposing Climate Solutions (Dana)

Wed 4 May

Why 450 ppm is missleading (Agnostic - is this ready for public?)

Thur 5 May

Lindzen Illusion #4: Climate Sensitivity (Dana)

Book launch (John)

Fri 6 May

Climate Show 12 (John)

Sat 7 May

Q and A with Dr Haydn Washington, co-author of Climate Change Denial

Sun 8 May

Lindzen Illusion #5: Internal Variability (Dana)

Mon 9 May

What scientists are saying about Skeptical Science (John)


Book reviews of Climate Change Denial (John)

2011-05-02 22:34:12
James Wight


Is there a reason why "missleading" is spelled with two S's, or is that a spelling mistake?

I'll be too busy to write anything this week, but I have a few ideas for upcoming posts I'm working on.

2011-05-03 01:16:16typo
Dana Nuccitelli

I think it's just a typo, James.  Neil actually had a slightly better title suggestion - "why 450 ppm is not a safe target"

2011-05-03 02:18:43


Yes, how can a number be "misleading"? unless it's combined with a statement.

2011-05-03 02:53:08
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Maybe itsth a mythtake.  :)

I favor 298.7 ppm myself (the highest of the interglacials in the Vostok core).

2011-05-03 08:03:07
Rob Painting

I prefer Neal's title suggestion. 

2011-05-06 08:16:51Upcoming posts by Carbon Brief
John Cook


I've been talking to Robin Webster at Carbon Brief - they're doing a series of articles on climate science issues and will be reposting them as guest posts on SkS. I'm posting the schedule here so I have them at my fingertips down the track:

1. Monday May 16th - cross post rebuttal of myth "CRU are principal source of future projections"
2. week commencing Monday May 23rd - scientific profile on climate models
3. w/c Mon May 31st - scientific profiles on polar sea ice
4. w/c June 6th -  Scientific methodology and peer review
5. w/c June 13th - What we know and what we don't know
6. w/c June 20th - Clouds and aerosols
7. w/c June 27th - Greenhouse gases and black carbon
8. w/c July 4th - Natural climate cycles
9. w/c July 11th - Climate change in the past
10. w/c July 18th - Solar forcing of climate