2011-04-18 15:12:54Upcoming blog posts: 18 Apr to 24 Apr 2011
John Cook


Mon 18

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Increasing Carbon Dioxide is not good for plants. (villabola)

Climate Show (borg)

Tue 19

Christy Crock #4: Do the observations match the models? (James)

Announcing www.shapingtomorrowsworld.org (Steve)

Wed 20

 Muller Misinformation #4: Time to Act (cyborg)

A Convention for Persons Displaced by Climate Change (David Hodgkinson)

Thur 21

CO2 Reductions Will Not Cool the Planet? We Know (grypo)

Fri 22

Lindzen Illusion #1: We Should Have Seen More Warming (cyborg)

Sat 23

Wakening the Kraken (Agnostic)

Sun 24

Cosmic rays and climate (Ari)


email scandal hide the decline (villabolo)

Advanced rebuttal of 'CO2 is plant food' (dawei)

Irregular Climate Podcast (borg)

Lindzen Illusion #2: Lindzen vs. Hansen - the Sleek Veneer of the 1980s (cyborg)

SkS Housekeeping: Short URLs for graphics and moderation policy (borg)

Why 450 ppm is not a safe target (Agnostic)

Medieval project gone wrong (Hoskibui)