2011-04-04 13:45:12Upcoming blog posts: 4 Apr to 10 Apr 2011
John Cook


As per usual, if you have a blog post or rebuttal that is languishing in the forum, sing out here and we'll bump it along and/or add it to the schedule.

Mon 4

Upcoming book: Climate Change Denial by Haydn Washington and John Cook (borg)

Tue 5

Climate myths at the U.S. House Hearing on climate change (borg)

Wed 6

Learning from the Climate Hearing (cyborg)

Skeptical Science in other media (borg)

Thur 7

Has sea level rise accelerated since 1880? (Tamino)

Call for beta testers of the latest SkS Firefox Add-on (borg)

Geologist Richard Alley’s ‘Operators Manual’ TV Documentary and Book… A Feast for Viewers and Readers (Bud Ward)

Fri 8

Christy Crock #1: 1970s Cooling (cyborg)

How I lived through a carbon tax and survived to tell the tale (Dan Moutal)

Sat 9

From the Halls of Montezuma (citizenschallenge)

Photos from the Brisbane Climate Rally (borg)

Sun 10

The travesty of misquoting Trenberth on the "lack of warming" (villabola)

Christy Crock #2 - Jumping to Conclusions?

Mon 11

Zebras? In Greenland? Really? (db & Mauri Spelto)


SkS Housekeeping: Short URLs for graphics and moderation policy (borg)

Why 450 ppm is missleading (Agnostic)


Cristy Crock #3: Internal Variability (cyborg & Alby)

Solar Hockey Stick (cyborg)

Note - Muller posts are temporarily on hold for now

Muller Misinformation #2: 'leaked' tree-ring data (borg)

Muller Misinformation #3: Al Gore and polar bears (Brad Johnson)