2011-03-29 10:43:57Giving credit to politicians who care about our planet


Inspired by Dana1981's great efforts:

Debunking Climate Myths from Politicians

I propose that SkS should also give prominence to politicians who demonstrate an understanding of climate science.  Most especially, if politicians grasp the implications of the science and then try to do something about the problems warned of, then surely they are deserving of praise.


I will make my nomination and then invite others to add to the list.

Congressman Mike Quigley



Read his words, March 15 2011:

... today we are faced with a bill, H.R. 910, the Energy Tax Prevention Act, which purports to protect citizens from taxation. In reality, this bill is a death sentence not only to our land, air, water, animals, and plants but to humans.

   This bill overturns proven scientific findings that carbon pollution endangers the health of Americans. ...


http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/... congressionalRecord.volume ... CREC

2011-03-29 14:53:54Getting the science right
Arthur Smith

I think this is a good idea - in particular highlighting quotes from politicians that agree with the science. But we should probably be sure they don't go overboard (as they are sometimes wont to do) - if somebody says "we're gonna die in a decade if we don't act" they may have some valid intuition on the matter but it's not science-based, I would guess.

I nominate Congressmen Markey, but perhaps not for this very funny bit of sarcasm:


Also Jay Inslee of Washington.

logicman - your loc link has expired. When linking to the congressional record you should use the permanent PDF links, not the temporary search ones.

2011-03-30 01:12:51link fixed


Thanks apsmith.  What was I thinking of?


Hansard - that's what. ;-)


Link fixed.  I hope!

2011-03-30 03:22:56
Dana Nuccitelli

My issue with this is that at SkS we don't usually discuss when people get things right, we debunk myths.  Plus we'd end up praising mostly Democrats and international equivalents, so the "skeptics" would use it as an opportunity to claim we're politically biased.

2011-03-30 10:20:37
Alex C


The skeptics (sic) would have a reason (sic) right now if we went public with the politicians page.  All of them are Republicans, last time I checked.

2011-03-30 12:06:57Inconsistency
James Wight


The problem with praising politicians is that they are inconsistent. A lot of politicians may make some pro-science comments on one occasion, but anti-science comments on another, depending on what is politically convenient. An Australian example - you can find quotes from Tony Abbott saying the Earth is warming, but others from the same man saying it's cooling.

2011-03-30 12:14:02Good point, James
John Cook


I saw one nice article that featured a debate between Tony Abbott vs Tony Abbott, using his own quotes on climate.

And this forum thread on GOP politicians contradicting themselves on climate action

2011-03-30 12:21:37Repubs
Dana Nuccitelli
Problem is that Dems rarely regurgitate climate myths. Well, that's not really a problem, except that the page ends up filled with Repubs. I'll probably see if I can find some Dem quotes tonight, from fossil fuel heavy areas. At least some will say CO2 limits will harm the economy.
2011-03-30 12:34:52


Check the representatives from West Virginia.

2011-03-30 12:59:12Including Dems in skepticquotes
John Cook


Would be great to include a few Dems in skepticquotes, big fan of this idea.

Although the Dem staffers who Scott is talking to about this resource may not be so thrilled :-)

Note - I "hid" the UK politicians - set their "Skeptic Status" to "no" which takes them off skepticquotes. Phase 2.0 of this resource will be to add a Country field to the database and assign different countries and perhaps add one country at a time - with skepticquotes grouping the politicians by country.

2011-03-30 15:23:43struck out
Dana Nuccitelli

Well I tried.  I searched for all the coal and oil state Dems I could think of and find, and none said anything worse than opposing cap and trade.  Even then they didn't necessarily oppose carbon pricing, just specifically the US cap and trade proposals.  So John and I decided we'll add a note to the blog post saying we did look for Democrats, and asking readers to suggest quotes in the comments.