2011-03-28 16:50:52Upcoming blog posts: 28 Mar to 3 Apr2011
John Cook


Okay dokes, looking like a big week so far... If you have a blog post or rebuttal you want slotted into the schedule, post a reminder in this thread.

Mon 28

Dana's 50th: Why I Blog (Cyborg)

Tue 29

The Day After McLean (cyborg)

Muller Misinformation #1: confusing Mike's trick with hide the decline (borg)

Wed 30

Arctic Ice March 2011 (logicman)

Understanding Solar Evolution Part 2: Planets (chris)

Thur 31

Acidification: Oceans past, present & yet to come  (Rob Painting)

Debunking Climate Myths from Politicians (cyborg)

Fri 1

Crux of a Core, Part 3... Dr Ole Humlum (Rob Honeycutt)

Sat 2

Soot and global warming (Sarah)

Upcoming book: Climate Change Denial by Haydn Washington and John Cook (borg)

Sun 3

The Climate Show (borg)


Muller Misinformation #2: 'leaked' tree-ring data (borg)

Muller Misinformation #3: Al Gore and polar bears (Brad Johnson)

SkS Housekeeping: Short URLs for graphics and moderation policy (borg)

Why 450 ppm is missleading (Agnostic)


2011-04-01 17:09:24Muller Misinformation on hold
John Cook


I'm putting MM on hold for now until I see the hearing transcript - if Muller continues to conflate Mann and Briffa which I read in a tweet, I will continue the series and reference the hearing in MM2. We'll see.