2011-03-20 17:30:12Blog posts for week 21 Mar to 26 Mar 2011
John Cook


Mon Mar 21

Pre-1940 Warming Causes and Logic (Cyborg)

The Libertarian Climate Conundrum (grypo)

Tues Mar 22

Preventing Misinformation (Cyborg)

Teaching Climate Science (Daniel Bailey)

Wed Mar 23

Understanding Solar Evolution Pt. 1 (Chris Colose)

12.30pm Why we have a scientific consensus on climate change (Thomas Stemler - podcast to coincide with radio airtime)

Thur Mar 24

Of Satellites and Air – A Primer on Tropospheric temperature measurement by Satellite (Glenn)

The Washington Times Talks Greenhouse Law (grypo)

Friday Mar 25

Plan for 100% renewable energy by 2050 (cyborg)

A climate 'Gish Gallop' of epic proportions (borg)

Saturday Mar 26

Basic Rebuttal 46: Scientists Can't even predict the weather right (dansat)

Sunday Mar 27

Plan for 100% energy from WWS by 2050 (cyborg)

SkS Housekeeping: Short URLs for graphics and moderation policy (John)


Muller Misinformation #1: confusing Mike's trick with hide the decline (borg)

Muller Misinformation #2: 'leaked' tree-ring data (borg)

Upcoming book: Climate Change Denial by Haydn Washington and John Cook (borg)

2011-03-21 01:56:39Question
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

If Dana is "Cyborg" can we call you "Borg"?  :)

2011-03-21 07:44:49Borg
John Cook

Well, I do try to assimilate people into the SkS collective whenever I can. Resistance is futile!