2011-02-27 13:37:40Blog posts for week 28 Feb to 5 Mar 2011
John Cook


Mon 28 Feb

Preference for Mild Curry (Dana)

Visualizing a History of CO2 (Robert)

Various estimates of Greenland ice loss (John)

Tues 1 Mar

MM #15: Tragedy of the Commons (Dana)

Roy Spencer’s Great Blunder, Part 2 (Barry)

Wed 2 Mar

Climate Sensitivity: The Skeptic Endgame (Dana)

No Illusions podcast interview (and elocution lessons from an 11 year old) (John)

Thurs 3 Mar

Crux of a Core 1b (Rob)

SkS Housekeeping (John)

Roy Spencer’s Great Blunder, Part 3 (Barry)

Fri 4 Mar

Putting a new finger on climate change (Daniel)

Glacier growth in the Medieval Warm Period (Daniel)

Sat 5 Mar

A Real-World Example of Carbon Pricing Benefits Outweighing Costs (original version) (Dana)

PDO Rebuttal (Riccardo)

Sun 6 Mar

The Climate Show new ep (John)

CO2-free Atmosphere (Chris Colose)

West side highway (climatehawk)


Crux of a Core Part 2 (Rob)

Sixth Mass Extinction (Dana)

Interactive animation of the climate change impact on agriculture (John)

Bond, Gerald Bond (Rob)

2011-02-28 22:15:14Finally posted Greenland
John Cook


I kept putting it off and was tempted to leave it to Tuesday after Rob's inception post. But if I keep procrastinating, the ice sheet will be gone before I publish it!

2011-03-01 00:49:31


I'm almost done with the advanced rebuttal of "It's PDO"; should it pass our internal review quickly it will be ready to publish in a few days. I'll post it in the appropiate thread soon.

2011-03-01 04:04:42
Rob Honeycutt

I have part 2 of Crux of a Core ready.  But I don't know if you want to save it for a Carter Crocks series.
2011-03-01 04:15:19sensitivity
Dana Nuccitelli

I've got my climate sensitivity post coming down the pipeline too, probably will go live later this week.

Barry just published Spencer part 2 on his blog, so we should probably do that one soon too.

2011-03-01 06:06:56
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Got my post on the 11th human fingerprint here:


2011-03-01 10:15:18This week is filling up quickly
John Cook


Pretty cool waking up this morning to all this great activity and new posts. Have updated the schedule accordingly.

Daniel, great to have another fingerprint - am thinking whether to include it in my upcoming fingerprints infographic and if so, how? A library? Pile of books? :-)

2011-03-01 12:43:20
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Possibly something like this (first choice):




or this:


2011-03-02 22:03:02Update to schedule
John Cook


Did an interview with The Climate Show today and promised by the time the show went out, I'd have a new short URL http://sks.to/url (linking to the short URL blog post). I've been meaning to do a SkS housekeeping blog post with a few odds and ends so will aim to have it up Thursday afternoon.

2011-03-02 22:55:54
Mark Richardson

I can see the WUWT headline from your latest post John.


'Climate alarmist pwned by child' :P

2011-03-03 16:45:03
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

My blog post on CO2 & paper is ready to publish when you're ready for it.

Sleep now, write up Alpine Glacier bit in the AM.