2011-02-18 17:10:35Blog posts for Prudent Path week: 21 Feb to 27 Feb 2011
John Cook


Okay, trying to be super organised here, roughly pencilling in next week

Monday 21 Feb

Introduction to Prudent Path Week (Dana)

Tuesday 22 Feb

Prudent Path: Radiative forcing by aerosol used as a wild card: NIPCC vs Lindzen (Bart)

Irregular Climate #17

Wed 23 Feb

Prudent Path: MWP (Dana)

Smoking, cancer and global warming (Stephan Lewandowsky)

Thur 24 Feb

Prudent Path: Carbon Cycle Feedback (Andy)

Dispelling two myths about the tropospheric hot spot (TB)

Fri 25 Feb

Mark on the hot spot (MM #14)

Dana responds to Lubos Motl (either tonight or Friday morning)

Prudent Path Week: Polar Regions (Robert)

Sat 26 Feb

Prudent Path: Risk (Dana)

Crux of a Core (Rob)

Sun 27 Feb

Goodbye Penny (Steve)

Roy Spencer’s Great Blunder, Part 1 (Barry Bickmore)

2011-02-20 10:21:53

OK. I'll draft something up on Monday/Tuesday for the gang to look over. Looks like I've got a busy week ahead... ;-)
2011-02-20 10:56:04Thanks Gareth
John Cook

Sorry to ruin your week or add to your existing workload :-( The important thing is that the truffles don't suffer.
2011-02-21 07:18:50Carbon cycle feedbacks
Andy S


Is anyone going to add anything about carbon cycle feedbacks and how they are not typically factored in to climate modsel projections? (I realize that the answer to this question may be "Yes, you are" during a period when my plate is full and I have other unfinished SkS projects underway.) 

There have been a few  recent reports such as the thawing permafrost, the 2010 Amazon Drought and the possibly unstable E Siberian Shelf hydrates that show that the "matching funds" comment in my recent David Archer book review may be coming true sooner than expected and that a prudent path response is even more urgent.

FWIW, my own conversion a few years ago from lukewarmer to becoming deeply concerned was largely driven by the realization that these feedbacks could lead to a catastrophic outcome, regardless of the resolution of uncertainties about climate sensitivity, aerosols, the MWP etc. 

If anyone can provide me with a full copy of this paper, that would be a help. 

Added: I have now done the article.

2011-02-27 13:40:14Bumped my Greenland post into next week
John Cook


Barry Bickmore asked if I'd be interested in reposting his Roy Spencer critique which I was very happy to do. So I've bumped my Greenland post to next week and started a new thread for next week's blog posts.

Dana, thanks for helping maintain the blog posts throughout the week, a big help in keeping things organised (particularly that flurry of hot spots in the middle of the week).

2011-02-27 16:02:23great
Dana Nuccitelli

Awesome, Barry's first post was excellent - I really enjoyed reading it.  Well worth a re-post.

Glad to help!