2011-02-17 09:00:37A Kick in the Ice... draft article
Rob Honeycutt


I was considering doing a blog post called "Denominator 2: Rise of the Calculator" but....   I jest!

Here's piece I just wrote.  A little more low key than Denominator.  And, I promise, it doesn't go anywhere NEAR Poptech!!  


Not high science here.  Just a basic non-science perspective on climate science. 


2011-02-17 09:49:32

You should mention that the Arctic is surrounded by land while Antarctica by the ocean. The consequence is that in the long run you will have polar amplification in the southern emisphere too; you explanation is valid untill the southern ocean will warm. (See for example here).
2011-02-17 10:03:43
Rob Honeycutt

Thanks Riccardo...  Will try to add a line or two that clarifies that point.