2011-02-14 11:13:18Upcoming blog posts: 14 Feb to 20 Feb 2011
John Cook


I'm making this a weekly thread now, planning out upcoming posts. Keep in mind the schedule is very flexible and changes regularly. So if you've written a rebuttal and/or blog post that's ready to go, post in here to let the admins know and we'll add it into the rotation:

Monday 14 Feb (happy Valentine's Day everyone :-)

Monckton Myth #11: Carbon Pricing Costs vs. Benefits (Dana)

The Climate Show #6 (forgot to post it on the weekend) (John)

I want to earn my future, not inherit it  (David)

Tuesday 15 Feb

The Global Carbon Cycle by David Archer - a review by Andy

German translation of The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism by John

Wednesday 16 Feb

Monckton Myth #12: Arctic Temperature Changes by Robert

A basic overview of melting ice around the globe (James)

Thursday 17 Feb

Monckton Myth #13 by Dana

The Climate Show Episode 7: Cryosphere special (John)

Fri 18 Feb

The Dai After Tomorrow (Daniel)

Deep ocean thermal expansion solves the sea level puzzle (Ari)

Sat 19 Feb

A Swift Kick in the Ice (Rob)

Sun 20 Feb and beyond

Skeptic arguments about cigarette smoke - sound familiar? (Mactheknife)

Link to skeptic rebuttals with short URLs (John)

2 new papers about Greenland (John)

New paper on extreme weather (anyone... Bueller?...)

Next Irregular Climate podcast by John (recorded interview on Wednesday, waiting for Dan to release it)

Prudent Path Week

WED 23 FEB: Smoking, cancer and global warming by Stephan Lewandowsky

THUR 24 FEB: "How we know we're causing global warming in a single graphic" by John (will first email it to Treehugger)

"If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..." (John - another Huff Post speculator)  

2011-02-14 12:52:48David's guest post
John Cook

Slotted it in to go out Monday night
2011-02-14 12:58:15posting in my mornings
Dana Nuccitelli
As long as the link to the next blog post in line is here and ready to go, my offer stands to post it in my mornings so we can maximize the space between posts.  For example, I could publish Andy's Archer review tomorrow morning, assuming the other two go live before then.
2011-02-14 13:45:31Hey, that's a nice idea
John Cook


Loving the idea of posting something in the middle of the night. I'll try to have something ready to go each day.

One problem though - we really need to figure out how to make the system automatically send tweets and facebook messages to the SkS Twitter and Facebook pages. That way, they can go direct from the admin system when we publish blog posts, rather than wait for me to wake up and manually post it. Hopefully some tech boffin will come along and figure out how to do it.

2011-02-15 18:49:10MM12 good to go
John Cook

I've added the MM logo to Robert's MM12 so it's good to go - Dana, you can publish this overnight or if you don't get to it, I'll do it first thing Wed morning.
2011-02-16 06:08:50Ready for review: Dai et al 2010
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

My blog post on Dai et al is now available for crucifying editorial & sartorial comment:



2011-02-16 13:50:16James ice post published
John Cook

Just posted this one - also just spoke to the Climate Show about ice melt so asked them to include a link to this post in the show notes.
2011-02-18 00:41:30Small change of plans
John Cook

Climate Show #7 was just published so I'm posting it immediately or it'll be 2 weeks before I get around to it. So plenty of stuff to go live - Daniel's Dai post is next and ready to go.
2011-02-18 17:07:41Published Ari
John Cook


Also removed my How skeptics react to overwhelming evidence for climate change post off the schedule, am burying that post.